Circle of Life (The Wall) – 2/8/18

The Pax: Brita, Belding (Q), Splinter, Klinger, Colonel, Stark, Tupac, Virus, Spaulding, Coal, Woodstock, Bambi, Buttermaker, and Landslide.

The thang: Pax met at the bottom of the wall. Ramps were too slippery so we moseyed over to the hill. At the bottom of the hill, the pax did 7 diamond merkins. Ran to the top. Did 7 diamond merkins and 7 air squats. Ran to the bottom and did 7 diamond merkins, 7 air squats and 7 LBC’s. This pattern went on for the beatdown with SSH, burpees, merkins, squat kicks and lunges getting added with each progression. All exercises were done in cadence. After the calisthenics were completed, the pax moseyed over to the wall for COT. Intentions were given for the troops, Zod and Spaulding.

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