Yeah bro, we’re rucking in the morning (The Fuse) – 2/10/18

2/10/18 Fuse Pre-Ruck Backblast

PAX: The Mickey, Jimmy Dean, Trinity, Wake, Hedgehog, Ollie, Splinter, Nails, Mary Lou, Honeymoon, Ozzie, The Colonel
Q: Klinger (with an assist from The Colonel)

Weather: 22 degrees, 14 degree wind chill, 4.5 mph wind from NNE

13 PAX set the alarm an hour early and showed up for the pre-ruck. Luckily, the predicted Snowpocalypse on Friday only had about half the punch expected, so conditions weren’t too bad. A little slushy/icy on the sides of the roads but we ere able to manage.

We started with F3’s 5 core principles and a disclaimer. YHC let the PAX know that he would have to cut out about 15 minutes early and asked for someone to step up and Q the last portion, including the COT. Thankfully, The Colonel felt up to the challenge! With all that out of the way, Wake grabbed the shovel flag, and the rucking commenced.

We made our way along Cougar Lane to King Road and headed South. Once we made it to the Bike Path, we turned East and continued along said path. At the 22:30 mark, we made a 180 degree turn and re-traced our steps. At the intersection of King Rd and Cougar Ln, YHC passed the torch to The Colonel. The PAX continued on for another 15 minutes and eventually made it back to the start point. COT was completed prior to the start of the Fuse.

Great to get out and put some miles in with you men. Neat to see all the fun conversations that people were having, especially Ozzie and Honeymoon. They were pretty far behind so they were a little fuzzy, but it seemed like they were enjoying it! AYE!

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