Stone Wolfe + Snow (Stone Wolfe) – 2/14/18

Nine men put in work at Stone Wolf this morning.

The Pax:
Poodle, Klinger, Splinter, Sideshow, Gap, Cogsworth, Mr. Belding, Balco and Kitty as the Q.

The Thang:
5 principles

Warmup with side 20x straddle hops, 40x windmills and 20x soldier kicks in cadence and mosey a lap around the parking lot.

Run interval sprints (2x ~50yds each) around the parking lot – 4 laps in total.

All in cadence:
1” Shoulder press (x40)
Straight out Merkin (x15)
Hip Side Merkin (x10)
Dive Bombers (x20)
Partner Shrugs (x15) – With your partner in plank, you hold his feet up and shrug. Switch.
Caterpillar Merkins (x5) – Terrible idea. Don’t do it.

Run 2 interval laps.

All in cadence:
Side to Side (x20)
Overhead leg lifts (x25)
Reverse Plank with kick (x20ea)
Standing Spiderman (x20ea)
Leg Lift Call out (2x around circle)
Drum Circle (3x around circle)
Plank Twists (x20ea)

Run 1 interval lap.

Know the 6 – Poodle
BOM and Prayer led by Kitty

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