Pre-Ruck (The Fuse) – 2/17/18

The Fuse
18 Pax – Nails, Cogsworth, The Colonel, Trinity, Bluto, Stamper, Mickey, H2, Ozzie, Mater, Danica, Mary Lou, Wake, Klinger, Froman, Friday, Buttermaker, Splinter

First off, what an awesome turnout for a pre-ruck on Saturday morning! 18, wow!! The GrowRuck is approaching and I think the PAX is getting ready to show what they can do.

5 Core Principles

We speed rucked 3.4 miles this morning averaging a 14:25 pace. The weather was cool but comfortable once we got going. The route was straight forward…down Sylvania to McCord to Central to Percentum to UT Trail to Southview.

-17 of us stepped off towards Sylvania and as we were walking down Cougar Ln, we were greeted by the Colonel mobile, which was running a couple minutes late due to the long commute. The Colonel was then tripped up by a Cougar in the parking lot causing him to take a spill, fortunately he was okay and it wasn’t a Puma or a Tiger, tough morning for him.
-The PAX kept great pace however there were some disagreements regarding the consistency of the pace in the middle which resulted in friendly back and forth and some call outs, no one puts Sausage King in a corner.
-Thanks to Trinity for his assistance in assuring safe passage for the small road stretch on Central.
-Mickey fleeced everyone’s headlamps at the end of the ruck to assist with his Fuse beatdown soon to follow.
-Everyone seemed in good spirits and it was an awesome start to a Saturday morning!

Prayer Intentions: Prayers for the troops, patience, and for those who are struggling to have children.

Thanks men for the chance to lead once again, always a humbling and rewarding experience.


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