Ruck, Mumble, Mumble, Bark… Meh (The Caddyshack) – 2/20/18

In the first spring weather day of 2018, 9 PAX showed up to ruck as the deer left the park. It was almost as though they knew something was about to go down and wanted to get out of the way.

Jimmy Dean started the 5 core principles and then got distracted by two more cars rolling in. Now the PAX was at full strength at 11 men. The 5 core principles were finished, courtesy of Bluto helping YHC. We reviewed the mission of F3 and Dauber grabbed the flag to get the ruck started.

There was much mumble chatter around Mother Rucker’s ranger panties and his ivory legs. When he ran up to the front to grab the flag and Stamper’s headlamp shone on them, the PAX were taken aback and had to shield their eyes from the horrific sight.

Our eyes recovered just in time to wade through the deep waters that crossed the path. As our feet got wet, we knew that something special was about to happen.

After we crossed the bridge, the PAX that had been on a Go Ruck Tough suddenly were hit with fear and panic. They rubbed their eyes and took a second look at a giant tree that had fallen across our path. They waited with sweaty palms and a nervous look, waiting to see if Jimmy Dean would have them pick up the tree. Though the desire was there to do so, YHC, decided it best to clear the way and move on.

Despite concerns about upsetting the local park rangers for doing their work for them, we decided to move the log to clear the path. The rest of the PAX breathed a sigh of relief and smiled as we continued on.

When the lights of Promedica came into view, we knew we were at the end of our time. We headed back to the parking lot where YHC made the PAX partner up and do a ladder of squats. One person took a turn doing 1, then the other did 1, all the way up to 10 and repeating 10 back down to 1.

Lots of men in the PAX have/are making career changes to become better men and to better take care of their families. We ended with COR, NOR, COT and BOM.

Q: Jimmy Dean

PAX: Romano, Balco, Rooster, Ticket, Modell, Mother Rucker, Bluto, Stamper, Gap, and Dauber

The Thang: Rucked 3.38 miles along the paved path around Ottawa Park. Upon arrival back at the Police Museum, we used the last few minutes to do a partner ladder of squats 1-10 and back down 10-1.

COT: The Wood family, Balco’s job hunt, families of the school shooting in Florida, the man who fell at the Go Ruck Heavy, and the troops.

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