Run for the Brothers by Your Side (The Wall) – 2/22/18

PAX Present: Woodstock, Bourbon, Stark, Gap, Tupac, Ozzie, Splinter, Meatloaf, Bambi, Spalding, Landslide, FLO, Peepers, Rooster

Q: Rooster

The Thang: Round 1- Runner carries the flag up the ramp to the stair intersection. He will lean the flag on the wall securely and take the stairs back down to the circle.
Second Runner will take the stairs to flag, and carry up ramp to top and around to top of stairs. Lean flag securely and return to circle.
Third Runner will take stairs to flag, carry flag back to top of ramp and run down to stair intersection. Lean flag securely, and return to circle down stairs. Fourth Runner will climb stairs to flag and continue down ramp to circle.

While the Runner made his trek ,the PAX was completing AMAP of the following exercises in cadence.

o Side Straddle Hop
o Merkins
o LBC- 2 is 1
o Air Squats
o Carolina Dry Docks
o Scissor Kicks-2 is 1
o Squat Kicks -1 is 1
o Shoulder Press -2 is 1
o Supermans- Reverse plank
o Imperial Walkers- 2 is 1
o Monkey Humpers
o Dips
o American Hammers- 2 is 1
o Front Lung 1 is 1
o Catalina Wine Mixer- Plank, one arm down other arm down, one arm up, other arm up, then Merkin 15 REPS
o Ab Wipers- On your six, legs together right then left 1 is 1
o Sumo Wide Leg Squats
o Merkin to Side Plank- 1 is 1
o Reverse Crunch- On your six, Legs Bent, Knees to chest
o Dip with single leg kick
o Box Jump
o Diamond Merkins

Ended in COR, NOR, COT, 6, and Prayer

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