Story 28

Powerful Layers Accelerate Life

To be honest, I don’t really know where to begin.  I tend to over analyze most situations, and figuring out why F3 means so much to me and others, is one of the things I have thought about a lot. I have said since day one that there are many layers to F3, which is why it is so powerful for myself and so many other men.  Here is my attempt to put my thoughts on paper.  

F3 is fellowship/brotherhood. We attempt to leave no man where we found him. Helping others improve is invigorating. The high impact men that join you in fitness, fellowship, and faith provide an example, motivation, accountability, and so much more. 

F3 brothers provide support, feedback, and accountability. 

F3 helps build leadership skills

F3 is learning how to live 3rd

F3 is a physical outlet

F3 makes you better because there is consistent, intentional, and direct contact with other strong individuals.  Iron sharpens iron is not just a tagline in this group.

F3 is a place where you can explore your faith and spirituality without being judged. 

F3 allows you to get creative; aka you are free to lead however you want

F3 is kinda rogue; it’s definitely not status quo fitness or fellowship

F3 is a way to get outside, get fresh air, and connect with our physical environment 

F3 is competition if that is what you are looking for. It’s also you vs you, no one will call you out for being out of shape or modifying a workout. 

F3 is slowly getting prepared for whatever life throws at you; you never know when it’s going to get tough

F3 is community leadership and giving yourself to a greater cause bigger than yourself.

F3 is a collection of very solid advice and virtues all written down in the Q source material 

F3 is a push that will take you further than you thought possible.  

My F3 story starts with Thai Guy, who EHed me on a Thursday during our first “fishing, fellowship, and faith” church group meeting.  He told me to show up on Saturday and be ready to workout. At first, I thought it was crazy to show up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning.  When I arrived I noticed that a few guys had started at 5:30 am to ruck before the beatdown! I thought to myself, who in the heck would get up at 5:30 am on a weekend to work out for 2 hours. Well, that person is now me.

It is crazy how many layers there are to F3.  Guys come out to a workout thinking they might get physically stronger, but they end up with so much more. I know for me, the first thing I needed to overcome was getting up early and fighting the fatigue following workouts.  But after a while, my body adjusted, and I learned how to embrace the discomfort. The guys within the group made it worth it to keep coming back. Next thing you know, I was signing up for the Frog ruck that started at 3:00 am! While I admit I questioned my decision to join the Frog while doing 50 burpees with a 30 lb. ruck sack at 3:45 in the morning, the guys around me made it worth it.  I knew I was part of a TEAM and the PAX would push me through. That sums up F3, top quality men who continuously push others to come out and get a little better each day in their fitness, fellowship, and faith.

When I first started F3 I thought I was doing pretty well in life (thinking that I was at least keeping up with the so called status quo). Looking back, I realize I was on a slow decline.  It is now clear to me that in order to accelerate, I must work to keep relationships with other men who are virtuous leaders. F3 provides that and more. Thank you to the PAX who haven’t left me where they found me. 

Eric “Isosceles” Puffenberger

December 2019

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