The Frog 2021 Pre-Blast

Announcing….. F3 Toledo’s 5th Annual CSAUP Ruck

The Frog 2021

When:         Saturday November 6th, 2021 @ 5:30 AM – 8:30 AM
Location:   Northview High School
Cost:            $15 per PAX member with the proceeds going to the Cherry Street Mission

All finishers will earn the 2021 Frog patch.  This patch will never be for sale and can only be earned! #ISI #HIM

The Thang:
We will step off @ 5:30 AM sharp for three hours of 1st and 2nd F in the Gloom for some rucking fun, including PT, coupons, and games.  This event will be completed as a team. Continued 2nd F will be immediately following the ENDEX with Coffee and Donuts provided.

Who Should Attend:
All F3 Toledo PAX and FNG’s.  If you’ve been to a ruck, and if you attend regular workouts with F3, you CAN do this! (We would like 100% of the PAX to be confident in their ability to participate we will complete this as a team)

Individual Requirements:

  • Rucksack
  • Headlamp & Spare Batteries 
  • Ruck Reflectors or Equivalent
  • Water Bottle

Recommended Items:

  • Gloves
  • Nourishment
  • Electrolytes in Nalgene, not hydration bladder
  • Hydration Bladder

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  1. Andy Roth
    Andy Roth says:

    1st Location – Mt. Doom

    Workout – 6 minute WOD
    5 Burpees
    10 Merkins
    15 Squats
    20 American Hammers – 2 is 1
    Down to the end of the parking lot
    Repeato at the end for 6 minutes

    Block Shuffle Relay
    From plank position pass the cinder block under your arms to your waiting teammate on the other side. Keep passing and moving guys Indian Run style. From cone to cone and back.

    Rucksack Catch
    Empty a rucksack and use it as a mitt like last year. Have whiffle balls with glow in the dark tape. One guy throws a ball, another guy uses the Rucksack like a mitt. Others guys watch in awe. If he catches it everyone runs to that spot. Change thrower and catcher. Continue until you get all the way down and all the way back. At the bottom of the hill from lantern to lantern. If you drop the ball everyone does 15 Monkey Humpers. Start Over from the same spot.

    Ruck to Highland Elementary – 2nd Location
    1.5 mile ruck – about 30 minutes

    Workout – 6 minute WOD
    5 Inchworms
    10 Mike Tysons
    15 Speed Skaters – 2 is 1
    20 Crunchy Frogs
    Mozie to the other end and repeato
    Back to the beginning and repeato until 6 minutes is up

    Frisbee Relay
    Teams Race all the way around the building playing catch with the frisbee. If you drop it everyone does 5 penalty merkins before you can pick up the frisbee and throw again.

    Use the same frisbee to score. Trying to put the frisbee in the concrete square out front that surrounds the storm drain. One guy tosses the frisbee. If it stops in the square, 1 point. MUST BE COMPLETELY IN TO COUNT. 5 points for on the manhole cover. If it doesn’t, everyone does 3 burpees and starts again. Everyone must take turns throwing the frisbee from the same spot. Keep going until you get to 10 points.

    Ruck to Veteran’s Field – 3rd Location
    1.6 miles – about 30 minutes

    Workout – 6 minute WOD
    5 Rucksack Thrusters
    10 Overhead Press
    15 Ruck Swings
    20 Klinger Kicks
    Mozie down and back.
    Repeato for 6 minutes

    Cucumber Ball
    Each team goes to a court and brings their glow in the dark ball
    Play pickle ball with your hands
    Play whatever rules you want. With your team or against another team.
    We played for 10 minutes.

    Ruck back to Mt. Doom for 2nd F and COT.

    PAX in attendance – Mr. Belding, Ticket, Jimmie Dean, Nougat, Thong Song, Sideshow, Tupac, Shooter, Bluto, Minnie, Ollie, Boo-Boo, Mickey, Dauber, Gap, Johnny, Dory, El Chapo, Pixar, Brita, Goose, Scrooge, Cogsworth, Mayor, Splinter, Simmons, Nails, Mailman, Sipe, Pinewood, Bob Vance, Brute, and Beaker. Q’d by Beaker.


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