2022 F3 Toledo Summer Challenge “We Get Around”

POINTS – (minimum requirements in each F)

  • FIRST F – (20 – point minimum, 18 points from workouts, 2 from Q-ing)
    • 1 Point for showing up to a regularly scheduled workout
    • 1 Point for Q-ing a workout
    • 1 Point for bringing an FNG to a workout
  • SECOND F – (3 Point Minimum)
    • 1 Point for attending a Coffeeteria after a regular beatdown
    • 1 Point for attending a larger planned social gatherings of 5 or more PAX (i.e. lunches or evening events). Please give fellow PAX 48-hour notice with an event post
  • THIRD F – (3 Point Minimum)
    • 1 Point for attending a Cherry Street event
    • 1 Point for attending a Bible Study
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  1. Jake the Snake
    Jake the Snake says:

    Warm up
    Side startle hops
    Wind mills
    Toe touches
    Light jog , old school Doom route
    2 workout stations
    Sta 1
    Rotating exercises
    Top of hill at pull up station
    This station was a resistance band work
    Pull ups band assisted if needed
    Band curls
    Band rows
    Band resistance Merkins
    Band lay pulls
    Run to second station

    2nd station
    Rotating exercises
    Flutter kicks
    Mike Tysons
    Big boys
    60 yd sled pull with 100# load
    The sled pull was used as a timer for all rotations

    End in a circle of triudt



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