Super Secret Mystery Ruck (The Necropolis) – 2/27/18

Super Secret Mystery Ruck:
(D2X: Dolphin and Daffodil and reflection on IMPACT)
13 PAX: Bourbon, Bambi,Buttermaker,Venom, Woodstock, Cobra, Matinee, Modell, Flo, Jennay, Pixar, Shakira, Casper (Q)
1 FNG: Matinee (EH: Modell)
Approximately 5K of rucking
Since there has been a lot of intense rucking lately to prepare for GrowRuck 009, I thought it might be nice to do more of a lighthearted 2nd F focused ruck. Rather than rucking with coupons today, the PAX were asked to reflect on their Dolphin and Daffodil and the idea of impact. I had prepared additional information from Q source regarding IMPACT as an acronym: Influence, Missionality, Positive Habit Transfer, Accountability, Correction and Targeting but after making my way through the PAX, it seemed everyone was enjoying the Fellowship, so I opted to keep the message brief today.
Truly blown away by all PAX today. As a soft-spoken, hesitant Q, I was definitely sharpened by the assistance offered by so many of you this morning, be it input on the route, ideas about timing, maintaining pace, keeping an eye on the 6, or even suggestions about the flow and feedback afterwards. Rather than call out everyone individually for their contributions, I just want to thank you all for your participation and help. Thanks to Pixar and Modell for making the trip to Perrysburg and welcome Matinee! I hope to take all of this back and get better each time I’m fortunate enough to Q. Hoping everyone enjoyed the breather and hanging-out time this morning. Hope you each had the opportunity to consider your D2X, Dolphin, Daffodil and maybe even your Ultimate Life Purpose.
COT: Prayers for our own health and those of loved ones, those with new 2.0’s or 2.0’s on the way, wisdom in decisionmaking and realization of our own potential impact and the use of our individual gifts.

Ruck in the Park (Caddyshack) – 2/27/18

PAX: Mailman, Mother Rucker, Jimmy Dean, Bluto, Dauber, Scrooge
Q: Scrooge

The Thang: 3.5 miles with 2 coupons
Pax showed up at the police museum parking lot to find an overfill lot for police cruisers that should be in service but the City of Toledo must not want to get them dirty. Mother Rucker was so gracious to provide us with 2 coupons this morning and YHC decided wisely against the 80lb sandbag and 16 lb sledgehammer. YHC waited a minute or two looking for John Henry but we pressed on after not being blessed with his presence this morning. Core principles were shared and we were off with a tiny bit of help from the local “sherpa” we found our way to UT and back without too many hiccups in the path. YHC got a smidge lost and forgot a headlamp but other than that fun was had by all.

COT: Mailman volunteered for the 6 and discussed his love of F3 and what it means to him. Prayers were said for Dauber’s father in law and PAX work conditions

Moleskin: What would a ruck be without seeing a cop in a parking lot with nobody else around. Good thing he decided to shine his light at us to let us know he was awake. One of these days YHC will not need the local Sherpa’s help to not get lost, but that day was not today. Thanks again for the opportunity to lead!

Ruck – Charge Faith Hill and Honor Some Flags Along the Way (The Ruckus) – 2/27/18

Q: Mayor
PAX: Trinity, Mayor, Rose, Kitty, Colonel, Hedgehog, Froman, Worm, Custo, Mayhem, Splinter, Sipe, Cogsworth, Brute, Ollie, Hustle, Mad Dog, Mickey, Stamper, Brita, El Chapo, Klinger, Android and Rihana,
We rucked over a 5k (3.3 mi) thru St Joe’s, Lourdes, charged Faith Hill, Sleepy Hillow, Mayor’s office and Fire Station1. We honored US flags with merkins (80 in total). We ended with a circle of trust. Froman, as the 6, shared what the group means to him. We prayed for Brita’s dad, Worn’s neighbor, Android’s wife’s surgery today, all men considering a church retreat, for those that put up with our time away from home to participate in F3 and others I have forgotten as well as others that were unspoken.

40 Minutes of Hell! (The Gauntlet) – 2/26/18

QIC – Poodle
PAX – 10 – Landslide, Peepers, Virus, Bourbon, Shakira, Kasper, Tupac, Spaulding; Poodle
It was a beautiful dry 35 degree morning in the gloom, the Pax were ready to start the week strong. We did a review of the F3 Principles and got right into the workout:
The Thang:
-Warm up in cadence with 25 side straddle hops, 20 windmills, Michael Phelps OYO, then mosey around the school.
40 Minutes of Hell Beatdown consisted of the following:
-Partner up with 1 partner jogging backwards approximately 50 yards, performing a “Bobby Hurley” then showing off their best jump shot (towards the end the jump shots turned into set shots) then jogging back to switch with Partner 2. During the jog the opposite partner is performing the following exercises until the team reaches the total:
1st half:
-100 Burpees
-200 LBC’s
-300 squats
After a very short halftime break we started the 2nd half:
-300 arm circles
-150 merkins
-300 imperial walkers
*There were many racing challenges throughout the workout mainly led by Bourbon, great way of pushing the PAX
The group finished with 2 rounds of Guantanamo. Some of the best Rage, ACDC, Eminem, Metallica & Tupac were added background for the workout.
-Kasper was the 6 and shared his name was from lagging at the first ruck he caught up unnoticed like a ghost on the group. Impressively he EH’d himself and we’re glad to have him out with us!.
BOM – Prayers for the upcoming babies on the way, for chemistry at work, for a 1st grade accounting presentation, and for our kids to be safe in school.
Great work this morning boys, I appreciate the opportunity to come to Pburg to lead such a strong group

Three Volley Salute (Faith Hill) – 2/26/2018

PAX: Rooster, Colonel, Brita, Dauber, Jimmy Dean, Splinter, Ticket, Mickey, Trinity, Wake, Brut, Mayor, Rose, Mailman, Kitty, MadDog, Ollie, Pixar, Scrooge, Froman, Gadget, Bluto, Glitch, Mayhem, Coxworth, Modell, Worm, Dauber, FNG “Oral B”

Q: Woodstock

Started with pulling FNG into the circle and making sure to cover the 3 F’s, Mission, Core Principles, Disclaimer.

Warmup: mosey to AO, count off by 7 (took some work;) and disperse to station.

The Thang:
7 stations, 3 exercises. a hill. 3 minute timer.
Station 1) 10 reg burpees, 7 manmaker burpees, 5 broadjump burpees.
Station 2) 20 squat jumps, 10 LT Dans, 10 Kitty kicks (2 is 1)
Station 3) 20 wide merkins, 20 regular merkins, 20 close/diamond merkins
Station 4) 25 lbcs, 10 absolution, 10 Imperial Walkers
Station 5) Crowd Pleaser – Groiner to Merkin (1:1) pyramid to 5, then back down and up again.
Station 6) (w/coupons) 15 bent over rows, 10 overhead press, 10 curls
Station 7) Bear crawl to cone and back the whole 3 minutes.

Every 3 minutes we will run up the hill and when you come down go to the next station – the faster you got up and down the longer you could “rest” before next round.

Ended with COR, Name the FNG, Mayhem the 6, and BOM.

Moleskin – thanks for giving YHC the Opportunity to lead at Faith Hill today, it was a blast. It was a nice change Q’ing 30 vs 8-14, was really cool coming back down the hill through a wave of HIM pushing it to the limit. I am gad everyone got a turn on “Charlotte” – we all love her out in the Burg, so we wanted to share that love with you on a Monday to start your week off right.

Last Minute (Pride Rock) – 2/25/18

PAX — 2 — Splinter, Brita
5 Core Principles
SF — Flying gracefully.
Q — Brita
The Thang — 3.30 mi/8:24 pace even with 20 Merkins every 1/2 mile (120 merkins total)
The 6 — Splinter: F3 revolution in his life is amazing. I pray all of you get to hear it.
COT — Powerful and humbling with just two men.

Sunday Funday (The Fuse) – 2/25/18

PAX: Nails, Mickey, Mater, Mayor, Sideshow, Modell, Sipe, Jimmy Dean and Gap

The Thang:

-Nails with the 5 core principles of F3
-Mosey to the track and partner up
-2 laps and 80 merkins for each PAX
-2 laps and 60 wide merkins
-2 laps and 40 diamond merkins
-2 laps and partner(patty cake) merkins for a total of 2 miles and 200 merkin variations
-1 lap partner carry
-on your 6 and 3 core exercises(Mickey-30 flutter kicks, Sipe-10 up downs w/plank jacks, Modell- 15 American hammers)

-Jimmy Dean shared his F3 story as the “6”
-Prayer intentions for Sideshow’s Mom, Britta’s dad, Mickey’s dad and Gap’s uncle
-COT and prayer led by Nails

Pre-Beatdown Ruck (The Fuse) – 2/25/18

PAX: Nails, Gap, Jimmy Dean and Sipe

-5 F3 Core Principles by Nails
-2.65 mile ruck with no coupons, but plenty of wind and wet conditions

-COT with prayer led by Nails

Sipe’s Saturday Workout Round 2 (The Fortress) – 2/24/18

This AM 10 paxs took part in a total body workout.

1st we warmed up with 15 side straddle hops.

Next 5 paxs went on a mile run while the other 5 rotated through the following exercises with weights for 10 reps each:

Inclined press 45 lbs
Close grip press 40 lbs
One arm row 35 lbs
Flys 30 lbs
Curls & kickbacks 25 or 20 lbs
Skull crushers 15 or 12 lbs
Six way shoulder lifts 10 or 8 lbs


Next we took 10 cards laid them in a row picked up one, put down one, picked up two, put down two, all the way to 10.

Next we did 50 partner sit ups.

We prayed for peace, those who have anxiety, those who are pregnant and unborn.

The paxs were Flo, Bourbon, Mr Bean, Tupac, Bambi, Spaulding, Rooster, Mother Rucker, Jennay, and Sipe.

It was truly an honor. Thank you paxs.

Cougar Hunt (The Fuse) – 2/24/18

QIC: Splinter
PAX: Stamper, Goose, Froman, Friday, Scrooge*, Honeymoon, Spider Monkey, The Mickey, Colonel, Hedgehog, Gadget, Mr. Belding, Brute, Lavar, Mayhem, Mailman, Splinter

It was a last minute gathering at the Fuse due to the Pre-Ruck running a bit longer than expected. YHC made it to the parking lot with 2 minutes to spare…just enough time to plant the flag and grab his weinke(!). 16 PAX were waiting eagerly to go on a cougar hunt and honestly, who could blame them? YHC suspected some of the PAX were even wearing cologne (Belding) for the occasion, there might have been a miscommunication on the MO for the day.

We started promptly at 6:30 and with no FNG’s we proceeded as normal, reviewing 5 core principles and emphasizing you against you. Do the best you can do and take care of yourself.

SSH IC x 25
Windmills IC x 25

Mosey’d over to the track.

The Thang

We hunted around the campus of Southview performing exercises in all of the corners. The intention was to do 25 reps of each in all of the corners IC…we did alot of them 25 but not all of them and I don’t remember which exercises we did less on.

So we would start in one corner of field…do a set…and then go to the next corner of the field and do the next set, making our way around the campus.

1. 25 – Merkins
2. 25 – Air Squats
3. 25 – Flutter Kicks
4. 25 – Imperial Walkers

5. 25 – Catalina Wine Mixers
6. 25 – Jump Squats
7. 25 – Dancing Bears
8. 25 – Pickle Pounder (one arm)
9. 25 – Monkey Humpers
10. 25 – American Hammers

Stadium Entrance
11. 25 – Dirty Hook-ups

School Bus Parking Lot
12. 25 – Bulgarian Ball Buster
13. 25 – Diamond Merkins
14. 25 – Mountain Climbers
15. 25 – People’s Air Press

Soccer Field
16. 25 – Plank Jacks
17. 25 – Surrenders
18. 25 – Turkish Getups
19. 25 – Wide Merkins

Band Practice Field
20. Bear Crawl Across
21. Sprint Field
22. Reverse Bear Crawl
23. Sprint Field

Ran Lap around school and finished at the shovel flag.

Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama / Get to know the 6 (Scrooge) – Scrooge told us about himself and his journey in F3 so far. Although admittedly 2nd F is not his favorite, the PAX definitely liked learning more about him and I always like hearing what he has to say, even if it is complaining about lack of information 😀

Prayer Intentions: For Families in Florida and any others i may have forgotten.

Thanks to those who made it out for the support and the drive to be HIM.

-Had a blast putting this one together and running through it with the PAX exceeded my expectations as always.
-Cadencing is hard and attempting to do it the whole time through a workout like this was humbling. YHC needs to ask Klinger for a crash course as I was DR for his cadence Q last month.
-No cougars were spotted and it was officially a sausage fest
-PAX seemed to enjoy dirty hook-ups (who would have guessed?)…we’ll have to bring that back again soon.
-PAX were NOT fans of turkish getups w/o kettle bells and let your YHC hear about it.
-Cadencing is hard