Northview High School – Faith Hill

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Date(s) - 08/14/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Northview - FAITH HILL



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  1. Jared Helton
    Jared Helton says:

    DATE: 8/14/2017
    COUNT: 25
    QIC: Colonel
    Oz, Romano, Klinger, Mayor, Scrooge, Mailman, Mr. Belding, Froman, Modell, Springs, Bluto, Valdez, Trapeze, Umbro, Fever, Cogsworth, Honeymoon, Box, Bebop, Brute, Kitty, Willy, Ollie, Mater, Mickey, Colonel

    Pax – this was scheduled to be Mike “Dijon” Arbinger’s VQ but he has a back injury so please pray for Dijon to get healthy so we can see him back out there asap both Q-ing and pushing the entire Pax!

    The Thang:
    Sprint from top of hill around the Wildcat and circle up for quick warm-up. SSH x 10 in cadence, 3 inchworms with final merkin slow for 45 seconds down and 25 seconds up. 3 forward and backward single arm shoulder stretch, deep squat hold and stretch.
    partner 1 – 5 Hill Sprints – after 5th Hill Sprint 20 jump squats
    partner 2 – while partner 1 is running do 10 triceps press on curb, 10 spider mtn climber, 10 single leg jumps on curb, 10 calf raise, repeato until partner 1 is done and then partner 2 does 5 Hill Sprints and 20 jump squats.
    After both finish run do Partner SSH’s until the 6 is in

    partner 1 – 4 Backward Hill Sprints at top of hill each time do 10 plank jacks
    partner 2 – wall sit until partner 1 finishes 2nd run and then 10 wide X merkins then wide X plank until partner 1 finishes and then switch.
    When both finish run do 20 partner sit ups and then plank

    Meet at bottom of hill – partner 1 does wheelbarrow across football field, 25 squats and then partner 2 wheelbarrow back, 25 squats, plank until 6 is in.

    partner 1 – 3 Hill Sprints
    partner 2 – 10 superman external rotations for back holding for 3-5 seconds followed by 10 diamond merkins
    Planks/side planks until 6 is in

    partner 1 – 2 Hill Sprints
    partner 2 – burpees until partner 1 finishes Hill Sprints – shoot for 10+

    1 Bear Crawl all together to top of Faith Hill
    1 final sprint up Faith Hill all together

    Total workout according to my watch – ~4000 steps, ~1.9 miles (~1 mile of straight hillage) and 32 FLOORS – not bad for a bunch of Toledo flatlanders – have to incorporate that hill since its the only one we have!

    Pax – it was an honor to get my first Q at Faith Hill in the gloom! Loved the chatter, the partners pushing each other and the energy shown so early in the morn (Pixar shoutout since he fartsacked).
    Prayer intentions for Seabass to get healthy and back to his F3Toledo Brothers as well as Dijon, Mark Forgach and the Forgach family, for us all to pray for those impacted by the Charlottesville tragedy and use it to be stronger together no matter our background. Additionally, my personal prayer is to work on patience with my children to be the best father I can possibly be for myself, my wife and my kids. I want to once again thank Honeymoon for his leadership on Saturday to step up and be vulnerable with his prayer. I’ve said it since day one men – we all have something to give and something to take from F3. This is more than a workout and I am humbled and honored to post for workouts with each of you but so proud to be a part of this pax of men that is getting stronger every day in all 3 F’s!

  2. Steve Gfell
    Steve Gfell says:

    8/15/17 Back Blast

    28 brave souls showed up to give the Mogadishu Mile a try. The PAX traversed roughly 2 miles through the campus of St. Joseph School with a variety of coupons (GORUCK talk for heavy stuff). Two 40 lb sandbags, two thirty pound dumbbells, a 55 lb curl bar and two 45 lb plates provided extra fun. To add to the excitement, at any given time ⅕ of the PAX was a casualty that needed to be carried by their fellow F3ers. This forced PAX members to carry their companions on their backs or shoulders. And if a PAX member wasn’t carrying a person, there was a pretty good chance they were carrying an additional ruck or weight.

    Every quarter mile or so the PAX stopped do some PT. Flutter kicks, Merkins, squats and situps (all with rucks) got everyone’s heart pumping. A 50 yard bear crawl to push through to the finish put a smile on everyone’s faces.

    PAX present were:
    Mr. Belding
    El Chapo

    FNG Hacksaw was named. Oddly enough, his naming became somewhat contentious due to Mickey and The Colonel’s unhealthy fixation with the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Don’t worry Hacksaw. Belding has your back.

    Prayer intentions were offered up for Cooter’s father, folks in Charlottesville, VA, The Colonel and his family (they will be travelling) and Mark Forgach.

    As always, it was an honor and a privilege to workout with you guys. I hope you guys had some fun and got a little workout in as well. Sorry for the late blast. It’s been a busy day.


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