Accountability Run (BK Summit)

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Date(s) - 01/13/2023
5:15 am - 6:00 am

The Q:

Five Lakes Church


Run, Sylvania

3-5 mile run with your F3 Brothers

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  1. Chris Fondren “Bambi”
    Chris Fondren “Bambi” says:

    31 Pax..!!!! signed up and slayed 1 of 3 route options for the “Hot Route!” Marino Style run at Five Lakes Church. It is Friday the 13th of January, Dan Marino #13 Jersey had a career stat of 3.1% sack percentage hence the 3.1 mile run option. Also added the 4+ mile and 2.5 mile speed ruck option to the list. 40mins total time was tasked in lieu of these options. The Ruckers made 2.3 miles in the targeted schedule and finished at 5:56 am for COT. It’s a great blessing and honor to lead alongside such great warriors of our community! We are blessed gentlemen! Let’s keep growing!!

    Colonel, Trinity, Brute, Ollie, Sipe, Juice, Boo Boo, Gasman, Floppy, Cratchit, Pixar, Cogsworth, Goose, Oh Geez, Mailman, Bluto, Biggie, Trojan, Gap, Palin, Ear Muffs, Mole, TuPac, Ozzie, Sideshow, Beaker, Thong Song, Ticket, Flush, Bagels, Bambi as Q


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