Arbor Hills Jr. High

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Date(s) - 06/18/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

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Arbor Hills Jr. High



Beatdown style workout with your F3 Brothers. No better way to start off a Monday.

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    Q – Dauber
    PAX 24 -Honeymoon, Trinity, Brita, Ozzie, Mickey, Wilson, Sipe, Commodus, Gap, Wake, Modell, Glitch, The Hoff, Gadget, Jimmy Dean, Splinter, Froman, Bluto, Colonel, Cousteau, Poodle, Bullock, Mr. Belding

    As I walked out my door it was already humid as balls at 0500. Gap had given me the honor of Qing at the Buddy Bunch this glorious Monday. As the PAX gathered in the gloomy, I realized there were more buddies on the bench than expected (The HC button doesn’t work for certain dudes.. we have many masters of the slow play). Big thanks to Modell for sharing the cinderblocks and Bluto for loading his up ( I didn’t use them which was a dick move on my part. After fumbling through the core principles and disclaimer. We moseyed around the track stopping at each station to explain the exercises. Brita asked what butterfly kicks were ( apparently in Sylvania they are known as Klinger Kicks). Sipe asked if we did all six exercises before moving ? Which is a fair question so I clarified. We broke up into groups and the fun began. Each group started at a stone around the track completed an exercise and moseyed to the next station – Constant movement for 40 minutes

    20 reps
    2.Skull crushers
    3.Overhead press
    4. Curls
    5. Skull crushers
    6. Overhead press

    Big Boy sit ups x 20
    LBC x 30
    American Hammers (2 is 1) x 20
    Butterfly (2 is 1) x 20
    Superman x 20
    Crunchy Frogs x 20

    1.Merkins x 20
    2. Wide Merkins x 20
    3. Diamond Merkins x 20
    4. Uneven Merkins x 20. Switch at 10
    5. Hand Release x 20 Modify – Knees
    6. Shoulder Taps x 20

    Squats x 20
    Lunge x 20
    Jump Squats x 20
    Side lunge x 20
    Splinter kicks x 20
    Smurf Jacks x 20

    Burpees x10
    Absolution x 10
    Guinness Book burpees x 10
    Mountain Climber x 20
    Up Downs x 10
    Donkey Kicks x 10

    CoR,NoR, 6 – Big welcome back to Wilson!!!, CoT – prayers for Bluto, Fro’s dad, Brita’s Mom, Riley, Splints’ Grandma and all those thoughts left inside. Ended with a reminder that we already won the lottery by being here, Billions of people live on less that a dollar a day, Widen the lense.


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