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Date(s) - 07/23/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

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Arbor Hills Jr. High



Beatdown style workout with your F3 Brothers. No better way to start off a Monday.

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  1. Ticket
    Ticket says:

    My Buddy and Me
    Buddy Bench (Arbor Hills Jr High)

    Q: Ticket
    Pax: Froman, Gap, Modell, Socrates, Hustle, Scrooge, Bluto, Mailman, Dauber, Gadget, Jimmy Dean, and Ticket

    With low humidity and temps in the mid-60s, it was another beautiful morning at the Buddy Bench. Mornings like this morning make it hard to call it the gloom. 11 HIM joined YHC to kick our week off right, with a RAK. YHC apologized for his lack of creativity with this beatdown, as he was recycling the experience he had down in the Burg the prior week.

    YHC stumbled through the mission of F3 and 5 core principles, and shared a disclaimer about my lack of professional training in the area of physical fitness. It was an embarrassment with such experienced PAX. Luckily, there weren’t any FNGs to confuse. With 12 PAX showing up in the gloom, the PAX counted off by 6 and relocated next to the person with the same number. With the formalities out of the way, we got in a quick warm up, including:

    Michael Phelps
    Arm Circles
    Torso Circles
    10 Windmills
    20 SSH

    After limbering up and getting the blood moving, YHC led the PAX around the stations of the beatdown. This included a mosey around the track, over to Hillview and back.

    Along the way, YHC explained that each pair would start at 1 of the four stations and rotate around, with 2 stations having 2 groups to start. Each pair was to complete the total reps for all exercises listed at each station in any combination they wanted. They could split the reps evenly between them (or not) and could break the reps into sets, alternating between exercises at stations with multiple exercises.

    Station 1 was on the track, opposite the stands. PAX were to choose from a cinder block or 20 or 30 pound dumbbells and perform a combined 100 Shoulder Presses. They also were to perform 100 Lt. Dans. After completing the exercises, they were to mosey a half lap on the track to station 2.

    Station 2 was on the track at the stands. At station 2, PAX were to perform 100 Starfish Sit ups (1 is 1) and 100 Dips. After completing the exercises, they were to mosey through the woods to Hillview for station 3.

    Station 3 was on the Hillview playground. At station 3, PAX were to perform 100 Burpee-ups. (these suck, by the way). After completing the exercise, they were to mosey through the woods back to Buddy Bench for station 4.

    Station 4 was back in the parking lot at Buddy Bench. At station 4, PAX were to perform 500 jump ropes. After completing the exercise, they were to mosey to station 1 on the opposite side of the track from the stands.

    After running through the stations, the teams moseyed to their stations and got to work. The beatdown started out good for the 3 of the 4 groups that were not at Hillview. YHC and Froman teamed up and started at station 2. We were joined by another team of Gadget and Mailman and boy teams got through the dips and starfish sit ups pretty easily. When we arrived at Hillview, the first group was still working on their burpee-ups. YHC quickly realized that there was only enough room for 2-3 people to do pull-ups. We did our best to make it work. We seemed to have 6 people at that station the whole time. Definitely not a good option for a Murph.

    Lots of Mumblechatter throughout about the joys of burpee-ups.

    We only made it once through the circuit before we ran out of time and YHC announced to the PAX to wrap up whatever station they were working on.

    We gathered into our COT, ran through the COR, NOR, Know the 6 (Bluto), and reminded folks about the convergence on Saturday 7/28 and upcoming 5Ks on Wednesday and in August. We closed it out in a BOM with prayer intentions and a prayer.

    I’m thankful forl Gap EHing me into my first Q at Buddy Bench. It was an honor and a privilege to lead the fine men of F3Toledo.


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