Arbor Hills Jr. High (Buddy Bench)

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Date(s) - 02/18/2019
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Arbor Hills Jr. High


boot camp, Toledo

Beatdown style workout with your F3 Brothers. No better way to start off a Monday.

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  1. Klinger
    Klinger says:

    Buddy Bench 2/18/2019 Backblast
    A Tribute to The Colonel

    PAX: Lavar, Trinity, Stamper, Dauber, Brita, The Colonel, Danica, Gap, Jimmy Dean, Tupac (Respect), Ticket, Extra Extra, Beaker, Bullock, Flo (Respect), Geppetto, Poodle, Mater, Hustle, Stark, Klinger (QIC)

    21 showed up at Buddy Bench ready to put in a solid morning of work. YHC explained that the plan was to recreate the first beatdown that our Nantan Emeritus led way back in June of 2017. It would be difficult because it was an hour long beatdown that we were trying to cram into 45 minutes, but we got to it. YHC also explained that the proper way to call cadence was going to be a point of emphasis going forward. The 5 core principles and a brief disclaimer were presented, and then we started with The Thang:

    Warm up:
    SSH x 20 IC
    Imperial Walker x 20 IC
    Inchworm Push Up x 10
    Michael Phelps

    Main Event:
    7 burpees
    20 squats
    Al Gore x 30 sec
    Merkins x 20
    Mountain Climbers x 20

    Mosey to the track
    -Sleepy 7’s: Run 1 lap of track, then 7 Dips, 7 Derkins, & 7 Squats
    -Repeato for a total of 3 laps (was supposed to be 4 laps but time was a factor)

    Move to football field
    -Bear Crawl ½ way, Walking Lunge ½ way, Run Backwards to start
    -High Knee ½ way, Butt Kicks ½ way, Sprint to start
    -Bear Crawl ½ way, Frog jumps ½ way, Run Backwards to start

    Mosey back to shovel flag
    -Jack Webb: Merkins and Shoulder Press
    Started at 10 Merkins:40 Air Presses and worked our way down. Had to cut it short due to time, but pretty sure Stark finished!

    Know the 6 – The Colonel, by coincidence of course!
    Prayer intentions
    BOM – YHC finished the beatdown with prayers of thanks.

    Awesome to get out and put in some hard work this morning! Thanks for showing up and honoring The Colonel!!



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