Arbor Hills Jr. High (Buddy Bench)

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Date(s) - 03/18/2019
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Arbor Hills Jr. High


boot camp, Toledo

Beatdown style workout with your F3 Brothers. No better way to start off a Monday.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    AO – “Buddy Bench” at Arbor Hills
    Q – Hedgehog
    Pax (17) – Danica, Beaker, Gogsworth, Rabbit, Ozzie, Klinger, Bagels, Mayor, Sipe, Colonel, Cousteau, Dauber, Scrooge, Jimmy Dean, Splinter, John Henry, Hedgehog

    The Thang: Bands For Sipe

    F3 core principals

    Warm up: Torso Twists x 15 in cadence, Prisoner Lunges x 12 per leg in cadence

    The Thang: Bands For Sipe
    split up into teams of 4 and one team of 5

    4 stations set up on the corners of the track

    #1 – 25 seated band rows
    #2 – 25 Klinger kicks (4 is 1)
    #3 – 25 hand release merkins
    #4 – 25 band overhead presses

    bear crawl the straight away from #1 to #2
    run the curve from #2 to #3
    bear crawl the straight away from #3 to #4
    run the curve from #4 to #1

    REPEATO x 30 minutes

    circle up / partner up

    Finisher: 13 down Lt. Dans
    one PAX works while the other PAX recovers
    start at 13 reps, then 12, then 11….etc.

    circle up back at the flag

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Splinter
    34 merkins in cadence led by the birthday boy

    countorama, nameorama, know the six (Klinger), announcements, prayer intentions


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