Bushwood (Ottawa Park)

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Date(s) - 07/02/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Bob Vance-Vance Refrigeration

Ottawa Park @ Toledo Police Museum


boot camp, Toledo

Bootcamp Style Workout.

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  1. Dauber
    Dauber says:

    Q -Dauber
    PAX – Otto, Recall, Dr. Nick, Gap, Scrooge, Mailman, Jimmy Dean, Romano, Beaker


    Our ode to the career of the toothpick chomping, pinch-hitting legend began with some Tony Hortons, arm circles and high level MC.

    Moseyed to There is a Hill there? Hill
    and paid homage to Hal’s 5 seasons as a manager by running up it 5 time w/ 5 IWs at the top.

    Mailman developed the Mailman plank ( Picnic table optional ) which I believe will rival the Burt Reynolds in exercise difficulty.

    After a brief respite we yogged to the amphitheater for the main event. In homage to McRae’s 19 seasons in the bigs we did 19 reps at the bottom and the top of Bushwood of the following:
    Crunchy Frogs ( I refer to them as Modells) we definitely had the honey dripping today.
    The playlist includes hits from Hal’s career in the bigs
    Calf raises

    Gathered back near the flag for CoR, NoR, the 6 (Scrooge), and a reminder to lookout for people you could pinch hit for.

    Great seeing a blend of old and new faces at The BCC


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