Close Park (The Oasis)

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Date(s) - 01/06/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Close Park



Boot camp style workout.

Typical routine: warm-up with Merkins, stretching, side-straddle-hops, etc.  Then proceed to the playground equipment and/or field for running mixed with strength training.  Finish off with the C.O.P (circle of pain) for merkins, planks, ab work, supermans, etc.

SATURDAYS always followed up with 2nd F (fellowship) at Executive Diner on Sylvania.

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  1. Rocco
    Rocco says:

    This morning was brisk, but we had 25 PAX post today @ The OASIS. Props to all those who traveled to be there today!

    The Q

    The PAX
    Modell, Gap, Romano, Mickey, El Chapp, Froman, Rihanna, Mother Rucker, Colonel, Dauber, John Henri, Tupac, Trinity, Cooter, Android, Mary Lou, Cobra, Glitch, Lance, Ticket, Stamper, Patone, Valdez, Mater

    We kicked it off with a brief thanks for the turn out and noted the 5 core principles of F3 (free, outside, open to all men, led by a member of the group, and always ends in a circle of trust)

    First exercise was 15 side straddle hops in cadence (3 count is 1)

    Next, we jogged over to Start high school for some side shuffle work.

    The Side Shuffle – staying low we side shuffled weaving around each parking lot islands while lunging during the change in direction.

    -Planked till the group completed the side shuffle
    -High knee skips for ~75 yards
    -Bear crawled for ~50 yards
    -Mossey back to the flag

    Partnered up and as a team worked on completing the following:
    -50 pull ups
    -75 big boy sit ups
    -100 push-ups
    -150 dips
    -1 lap each around Close Park

    The COT and Prayer Intentions
    For all those who are handling health issues and to watch over all of us to help make us stronger leaders within our families and community. Many thanks for what the flag represents and having the freedom that we have.

    Many thanks to all that came out for my VQ, it means a lot men!


  2. Mother Rucker
    Mother Rucker says:

    Pre-Beatdown Ruck

    The Q
    Mother Rucker

    The PAX
    Dauber, Cobra, Gap, Romano

    5 F3 principles (Free, Outdoors, Men, Peer Lead, COT)

    Jog to Tremainsville, cross to Start campus. Progress to Bowman park.

    Perform frosted cookie maneuver to improve bending with environment. Continue on for one revolution of Bowman park. Break, move rucks to anterior quadrant for one revolution of Bowman park. Progress to YMCA campus and return to start point for Endex.

    Short educational point on mental toughness, and verbalization of gratitude to PAX for attendance.


    Prayer of gratitude and ask for guidance to continue with our outdoor activities in a safe an injury free manner.

    Total Time: 53:07
    Mileage: 3.12
    Speed: 3.5 mph

    Excellent work! Look forward to more rucking with you in the future.

  3. Ticket
    Ticket says:

    Cross Town Ruck to Rocko’s VQ

    Q: Ticket

    PAX: Cooter, Stamper, Mickey, John Henry, Cousteau, Colonel, Tupac, Mater, Mary Lou, Froman, Saber, El Chapo, Valdez, Trinity, Ticket (Q)

    What started as a wise crack from YHC, turned into a challenge to forego our vehicles and ruck to Rocko’s VQ at the Oasis. 15 PAX showed up for a cross town ruck from the Ant Hill to the Oasis at 5 am on a frozen Saturday morning. With the temps around zero, and not wanting to be late to the beatdown, YHC got the PAX on their way, forgetting to go through the 5 core principles. The PAX reminded him before leaving the Ant Hill parking lot, and YHC shouted them out as the PAX made their way to the front of the Ant Hill.

    The route from the Ant Hill to the Oasis looked simple on a map. It was nearly a straight shot down Sylvania Ave. However, the terrain presented its own challenges, with sidewalks that varied from clear to untouched and covered with 5 inches of snow and ice.

    Along the way to the Oasis, the PAX were on the lookout for potential future sites for beatdowns. Franklin Park Mall, with significant open space and parking garages to boot, looked promising. Futher down the road, the playground at Christ the King looked inviting as well.

    The terrain and frigid temperatures proved to be no match for the PAX. As YHC checked the pace, an inviting Oasis appeared ahead and the PAX arrived at 6:25 am, with 5 minutes to spare before Rocko’s VQ.

    A quick name-o-rama, count-a-rama, and COT & BOM concluded the cross town ruck.

    Total distance traveled was 5.1 miles on a 16’27” pace. Some good 2nd F was had along the way with discussions of a ruck to PBG in March or a convergence ruck, with all 3 AO’s rucking to downtown starting from the same distance. More to come on that.

    It was an honor to lead you men. It has been a challenging 4-5 months for YHC working through knee injuries. Following the F3Toledo PAX in all AO’s on Twitter and GroupMe provided me the inspiration and determination to get back in the gloom. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve this great group of men.


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