Close Park (The Oasis)

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Date(s) - 01/20/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Close Park



Boot camp style workout.

Typical routine: warm-up with Merkins, stretching, side-straddle-hops, etc.  Then proceed to the playground equipment and/or field for running mixed with strength training.  Finish off with the C.O.P (circle of pain) for merkins, planks, ab work, supermans, etc.

SATURDAYS always followed up with 2nd F (fellowship) at Executive Diner on Sylvania.

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  1. Chris "Gap" Sellers
    Chris "Gap" Sellers says:

    1/20/18 – Simple Saturday Beatdown at Close Park

    Q – Gap

    PAX – Romano, Euro, Meatloaf, Dauber, Nala, Nuge, Nails, John Henry, Simple Jack, Wake

    Opening – Brief rundown of F3 purpose, principles and agenda.

    Warmup – Michael Phelps, Side straddle hops, Windmill

    The Thang –

    (5) Burpees
    Lunge to next cone
    (10) American Hammers (2 is 1)
    Lunge to next cone
    (15) Imperial Walkers
    Lunge to next cone
    (20) Merkins
    Lunge to next cone
    (25) Plank Jacks
    Lunge to next cone
    (30) Squat Jumps

    Run 1 lap and reverse repeat, replacing lunges between cones with frog jumps.

    Moseyed to the playground for team workout. Broke into two-man teams, each team completed:

    (50) Pullups
    (75) Burpees
    (100) Merkins
    (125) Situps
    (150) Squats

    Run 1 lap and end up at the flag.

    COT – Prayers for Romano’s cousin Katie dealing with cancer and a friend of Euro’s father Doug.

    2nd F at Executive Diner- Romano, John Henry, Nails, Simple Jack, Wake, Nuge, Gap, Meatloaf

  2. John Henry
    John Henry says:

    5:30 – 6:30 AM Ruck 1/20/2018
    Q: John Henry
    PAX in attendance: GAP, Romano, Dauber, Nails, Meatloaf, Wake
    One FNG: Sam “The Nuge” Dominic (as in Ted Nugent)

    Distance covered: 3.41 miles


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