Point Place Library Beatdown

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Date(s) - 05/19/2018
5:00 am - 7:00 am

The Q:

Point Place Library



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  1. Mark Buehler
    Mark Buehler says:

    I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only get them to ruck- Socrates
    The F3 PAX that normally spend their Saturday mornings at the Oasis came out to the Point Place Library on May 19, 2018 for a ruck and beatdown led by Mark “Socrates” Buehler. Those in attendance for the ruck were: Q Mark “Socrates” Buehler, Chris “Gap” Sellers, Greg “Modell” Braylock, Andy “Romano” Hudak, Steve “Mayor” Leamy, and FNG Jon “Gollum” Buehler. The weather called for rain, but it we stayed dry. Excellent change of scenery from our normal Saturday ruck. We began our ruck at 5 am and returned to the Library around 555 am to warm up for the beatdown at 6 am.

    Every PAX that came to the ruck stayed for the beatdown, but we were joined by Alec “Meatloaf” Falkenberg, Mike “Rocco” Graybeal and FNG Keith “DT” Jordan. The beatdown was Q’d by Mark”Socrates” Buehler and was MMA fight camp inspired. Every major muscle group was hit during the beatdown, and a few new exercises were introduced that challenged the PAX to dig deep. Ask any PAX in attendance about the “piston drill” and they will gladly tell you all about it. To warm up we completed 250 side-straddle hops, and to end we completed the “earn-it blitz” where the PAX started with 10 burpees and worked their way down to 1 changing exercises each number. The name of the game was speed.

    It was a good workout. The PAX were challenged to think about their “why?” during a particularly brutal portion of the beatdown. No PAX quit, and every PAX grew just a little that morning. It was an honor to Q.


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