F3 Dad’s Workout

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Date(s) - 01/12/2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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This one is family friendly! Bring out the 2.0’s (the kiddos) the Second Sunday of every month at 2:00 pm. The workouts are for the kids, lead by the dad’s and their shorties. The FiA moms are always welcome too! Fun with water balloons, sledding hills, water melons, pumpkins and more. These workouts are to inspire play and the love of an active outdoor lifestyle with the whole family. Childhood favorites like tag, ultimate Frisbee, and football are often incorporated into these workouts.

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  1. Matt Yarder
    Matt Yarder says:

    QICs – Mama Moose, Shooting Star, Stark…Steamer out with a cold 🙁 but helped create the workout

    PAX – Sweet Caroline (FiA) with 2.0s Animal Queen, Megatron, BookWorm, Dairy Queen) Still working on dad to get out 🙂
    Coconut – with 2.0s Chop Stick, Carrot)
    Intern (FiA) – with 2.0 Mermaid
    Frita (FiA) (brought Friendly new boyfriend, we will work on that EH)
    Charmin and Avalanche (FiA) with 2.0 Megalodon and sleepy baby as weighted vest
    Biggie – with 4 Friendly New Shorties! Spinja, Kion, Slushie, and Grand Slam
    TuPac with Strong Heart (FiA)
    Cali (FiA) Matt (FNG dad, got him out the following day to official get dubbed Yosemite!) – with 3 Friendly New Shorties Cartwheel, Firebolt and Sonic
    Tweety and Nordic (FiA) with 2.0 Groot

    Shooting Star led the warmup of a series of 4 different SSH movements. It was so cool for YHC to watch my daughter grow in confidence in leading a crowd of peers and adults (35)!

    Then the circuit of fun begun. 8 Stations setup around the Fortress playground. 2 minutes per station
    1 – Slides – run up and slide down on repeato
    2 – Shooting Balls into laundry basket from various distasnces, run and rertieve on repato
    3 – Merkins on the picnic tables – Regular, inclined, declined, on mom and dads back!
    4 – Monkey Bars – Around and around
    5 – Swing Serpentine – snake in between swings
    6 – Battle Ropes
    7 – Ball relay – empty balls from one bucket, one at a time, to another bucket
    8 – Ball lunges – pass ball under leg as you lunge
    You could tell the kids energy was about to burst after the stations were explained. Music started pumping, smiles flew on faces, giggles erupted and although the ground was sodden and the sky gray the park was suddenly alive with F3/FiA families

    With about 10 mins left the crowd favorite game began….Toilet tag – kids versus parents!
    A square of cones was setup for boundaries. Kids had to tag parents, once tagged held squat with one arm in air as their “flusher”. If another adult ran by and flushed, the parent could get up and continue running.
    3 Rounds of 3 minutes
    Round 1. – Kids were IT. Adults almomst lasted the 3 minutes, but with about 20 seconds to go the kids finally were able to get all adults into the squat position.
    Round 2. – Adults IT. No Mercy was shown, we had the kids in squat in less then 2 mins. Go mom and dad!
    Round 3 – Kids were asked if they wanted to be IT or adults be IT. You guessed it, kids all screamed “WE WANT TO BE IT!” – And they crushed us this round. They learned to guard the tagged parents.

    COR, NOR, Huckleberry shared info on the Inclusive Playground initiative and asked the kids if they understood what the word inclusive meant. Then he and the kids had a great discussion regarding that meaning and the new playground.

    These are by far some of the most enjoyable moments within F3/FiA. Absolutely love this opportunity to lead these workouts with our shorties!


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