Fortress Ruckus – 2 Hour

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Date(s) - 12/30/2017
5:00 am - 7:00 am

The Q:

Fort Imagination



Like rucking? Not getting enough distance in the one hour Tuesday Rucks? Then come to the Fortress for our Saturday 2 HOUR Ruck. Cover more distance. Carry heavy stuff longer. Lead a group of men through greater challenges.

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  1. Matt Yarder
    Matt Yarder says:

    QIC’s – Bambi, Stark
    PAX – Buttermaker, Peepers, Woodstock, TuPac, Bourbon, Casper, Flo, Cobra, Shikira, Jennay, Raven

    Approx 6.5 miles covered
    Coupons – Double Section of a 2 Man Carry Sand Tube affectionately known as Charlotte, Third section of Charlotte as an individual coupon, 40 lb sandbag, 60 lb sand bag
    First leg added two nice changes of elevation. It took us down through 577 Foundation to Maumee River, back out, After existing 577 the Q’s (Stark and Bambi) jumped into the two man formation to help with coupons and asked for two new team leaders to move to next section. This is a great opportunity for the PAX to put themselves in a leadership role. Woodstock and Raven took the lead and brought us down to the Maple street boat ramp and back to the Fortress. There they received feedback on their leadership of the PAX. We picked up two new PAX (Flo and Casper) to join us for second hour of the ruck. And again, asked for two new team leads. Bourbon and Buttermaker took charge and walked us around the neighborhoods surrounding the Fortress. It was not the intended direction, but they took charge and got us more mileage and back to fortress in plenty of time for COT, Name-a-rama, Count-A-Rama, BOM. Here we also learned about the SIX. Buttermaker was our SIX in the count-a-rama. He got his name from coaching little league baseball, the Col. EHed him to try F3. And the group means a lot to him to keep supporting each other and making himself accountable to grow in all three Fs with the PAX.


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