Fortress Ruckus – 2 Hour

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Date(s) - 04/14/2018
5:00 am - 7:00 am

The Q:

Fort Imagination



Like rucking? Not getting enough distance in the one hour Tuesday Rucks? Then come to the Fortress for our Saturday 2 HOUR Ruck. Cover more distance. Carry heavy stuff longer. Lead a group of men through greater challenges.

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  1. Stark
    Stark says:

    QIC – Stark
    PAX – Ticket, Mercy, Woodstock, Shakira, TuPac, Casper

    Today marked the debut of the team weights for the imminent GrowRuck 09. The 3 section metal contraption in the shape of Ohio certainly proved its worth and tested our “mettle”…see what I did there. Not only did these seven PAX carry three sections of a team weight that was meant for 100. we added a 6 foot log, 40 lb sandbag, and the shovel flag for good measure. The metal plates checked all the necessary boxes of any ruck event – heavy, awkward, uncomfortable, thought provoking.
    Our task today was to reach Bicentennial Park in the middle of a neighborhood in Pburg that was a mystery to us all. We weren’t sure it existed but we were going to find out for sure. The Ohio plates slowed us considerably at first. Each section weighed between 34-40 pounds. They were hard to carry on your shoulders, difficult to hold at your hips, and even more cumbersome once linked together as a team carry. Ticket kept asking “Where’s the padding?”. Little did he know he was going to get what he wished for later. After some fumbling and trying to figure out these new coupons we made it to Bicentennial Park. Hard to see the wonders of this mysterious land at 6:am in the dark but looked promising. We regrouped on a small hill. YHC, trying to make the time hack back to the beatdown site, made the suggestion to leave the log and would come back later to get it. But Shakira had none of that. He quickly reminded us of one of his favorite movie lines “was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!”. He vowed to carry the log back himself (which up to this point was a 2 man carry coupon). His inspiration quickly roused the PAX to muster the right attitude and when headed back with ALL the coupon. Remember Ticket’s request earlier? Well he got his wish. Shakira was already man-handling the log solo, and YHC had the “brilliant” idea of throwing the 40 pound sand bag on my shoulders and THEN adding the metal team weight. Ahhh, relief! Yes the combo coupon became nearly 80 pounds but the soft comfy sandbag was an excellent buffer for the metal edges of the plates. The entire PAX then made exceptional time back to Fort Imagination for the pursuant beatdown. We all took turns on all the coupons and the double coupons and asking for help and asking if help was needed. What took us 60 mins with fresh legs only took us 45 mins to get back. It is not what you can do when you are fresh and fully supplied. It is what you can achieve when the tank is empty and your exhaustion is at its peak. That is where you will find true toughness and strength.

    COT – Prayers for My son’s preschool teacher and breast cancer battle, health of Bambi, New and old and expecting dads, TuPac’s wife’s salvation.
    Great ruck gents…onto the beatdown!


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