F3 Toledo Convergence @ Sylvania Southview & Q School

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Date(s) - 10/28/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Mr. Belding and Hacksaw

Southview High School



CONVERGENCE and Q school! Get better as a Q led by F3nation’s Q school leader – Dark Helmet! He will Q the beatdown and follow up with some 2nd F at Barrys Bagels dropping some knowledge to the F3Toledo pax about all things F3. Can we break our record convergence turnout of 72 pax… Now is the time to post and get better!

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  1. Jason "Ticket" Ziegler
    Jason "Ticket" Ziegler says:

    Convergence and Q School Beatdown by Dark Helmet
    DATE: 10/28/2017
    COUNT: 60
    QIC: Dark Helmet

    58 men from the F3 Toledo region, accompanied by Haskell from F3 NEO, converged for Q School at The Fuse, led by Dark Helmet, who was gracious enough to trek up from NC. Dark Helmet began the session with the 5 core principles of F3. The PAX then moseyed to the library parking lot to begin the Q School Beatdown.

    Once in the library parking lot, the Pax circled up around Dark Helmet for a little warm-up
    15 SSH in cadence
    Windmills in cadence

    The PAX must have startled someone in a blue car in the parking lot, as they tore out of there like a bat out of hell. Shortly after, Valdez showed up late, but he was not the crazy driver in the blue car.

    The warm-up continued with 15 merkins in cadence and 20 flutter kicks in cadence.

    The Thang: 4 Corners

    With the blood pumping, Dark Helmet began to explain the 4 corners.

    Cones were placed in 4 corners of the parking lot, with a 5th cone in the center of the parking lot. Each cone had 2 exercises listed.

    Cone 1
    Exercise 1 – 20 Merkins
    Exercise 2 – 20 Diamond Merkins

    Cone 2
    Exercise 1 – 60 second Plank
    Exercise 2 – ???

    Cone 3
    Exercise 1 – 30 LBCs
    Exercise 2 – 40 Flutter Kicks

    Cone 4
    Exercise 1 – 20 Air squats
    Exercise 2 – 20 Jump squats

    The Pax divided up into 4 groups.
    Each group moseyed from the center cone to a corner, where they completed exercise #1 in cadence.
    After the group completed the exercise, they moseyed back to the center to do 5 burpees in cadence.

    After completing the burpees, each group moseyed to each remaining cone, completed exercise #1 in cadence, and returned to the center cone for 5 burpees in cadence.

    One group thought they needed to complete both exercises at each cone in the circuit. As a result, the remaining Pax planked while waiting for the final group.

    After all Pax finished round 1, each group completed another circuit doing exercise #2 when they got to each corner.

    As the groups moseyed into the center after their final cone, they planked up to wait for the 6.

    Indian Run
    The Pax divided into 2 groups, formed 2 lines and began an Indian run back to where the fun began in the school parking lot.

    Dark Helmet sprinkled provided pointers for leading a good workout. For example, we did everything in the workout in cadence. It is important for the Q to communicate if an exercise is in cadence or on your own (OYO), in order to keep the correct pace. Communicating how the exercises will be counting and keeping the cadence also helps Qs develop their leadership skills.

    The beatdown portion of Q School was complete. The PAX circled in a COT for Count-a-Rama, Name-o-Rama, announcements and prayer intentions. The PAX closed in around Mickey for the BOM, as he closed out the Q School Beatdown in prayer.

    Dark Helmet then led the instructional session of Q School at Barry’s Bagels, where he dropped truth nuggets and a ton of knowledge on 40 PAX about what makes an F3 Region and the overall structure of F3 overall leadership.


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