Northview High School (Run)

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Date(s) - 04/09/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Northview High School



3-5 Mile run with your F3 Brothers

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  1. Joe LeBlanc
    Joe LeBlanc says:

    04.09.18 – Monday Morning Run
    Q – Splinter
    PAX – Klinger, Ozzie, Model, Belding, Gap, Ollie, Mater, Mickey

    It was perfect weather for a morning run. 32 degrees and no wind provided us comfortable temperatures as we put in some work on a fine Monday morning.

    We circled up and went over 5 core principles. YHC said he would review the route before we started in case we got spread out…we took off before said route review. Stopped briefly to explain, got about 2 instructions in, and the PAX said..”how about you just lead” u we stayed pretty tight for a good portion of the run.

    Route was as follows: Northview Parking Lot –> Back path to sleep hollow –> out to erie st. –> turn left and go down past Highland Meadows turning left on Sun Valley Blvd –> Right on Bonniebrook –> right on radcliffe –> left on kings run rd. –>left on King –> Right on Whispering Oak Dr. turns into Covenant –> Left on Silica –> wraps back to Northview parking lot.

    Distance: 3.5miles but there was some extra in there around the school so the group ran everywhere from 3.5–4.25 miles.

    Hustle led us in NOR, COR, and in the COT.

    Mater, Mickey, and Splinter finished with (5 sets of 20) 100 bonus merkins and 100 big boy sittups (interlocking feet in a triangle which was questionable)

    Thanks for the opportunity this morning men!



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