Ottawa Park Ruck

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Date(s) - 01/30/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Ottawa Park


ruck, Toledo

Tuesday morning ruck starting in parking lot off of Kenwood Blvd / Gunckel Blvd.

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  1. Scrooge
    Scrooge says:

    Caddyshack Ruck
    QIC: Scrooge
    PAX: Dauber, Brita, Modell, Ozzie, Splinter, Bluto, El Chapo, Scrooge

    8 HIM decided to go on a nice easy Ruck in the gloom this morning. A beautiful 15 degree morning met us at Caddyshack with a nice covering of snow across the park. YHC was surprised to see the fine governmental workers of Toledo had plowed some of the paths so the ruck wasn’t as treacherous as in the past. YHC welcomed everyone and we headed out straight over to the THE University of Toledo campus to go on a walk down memory lane. We made sure to stay safe while crossing Bancroft we didn’t want to play frogger again with Modell but he was sure to call out all the ice on the path.

    We made sure to get a nice picture in front of University Hall where apparently Splinters dad works as second in command or something like that. YHC knew Dr Colonel would be happy we took a picture because if there’s no picture did it really even happen???? There seemed to be some mumble chatter from Ozzie about the pace slowing up while walking down memory lane on campus, but YHC was just looking for Black Ice, the nerve of that guy.

    We knocked out 3.5 miles at a 15:29 pace which all things considered with stopping for a picture and slowing up down memory lane we kept a good clip. Thanks again for the opportunity to lead.


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