Ottawa Park Ruck

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Date(s) - 05/15/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Ottawa Park @ Toledo Police Museum


ruck, Toledo

Tuesday morning ruck starting in parking lot of Toledo Police Museum. 2201 Kenwood Blvd, Toledo, OH 43606

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  1. Froman
    Froman says:


    Ruck With Wang

    QIC: Froman

    PAX: Dauber, Modell, Romano, Froman

    Fartsackers: John Henry

    The Thang: 4 PAX gathered at the Toledo Police Museum for a ruck led by YHC (Froman). Really, led by YHC’s sherpa, Dauber, as Ottawa Park in the pre-dawn darkness looks nothing like Ottawa Park on Google Maps on my computer.

    The PAX made our way SW towards the trail, only to retreat to the trail bordering Kenwood Blvd when faced with abundant standing water. As it turns out, the recent heavy rains turned most of the route into a soggy saunter. It was quickly, and accurately, noted that it was a good thing Mother Rucker bailed on the morning’s festivities, as he would have been infuriated with the PAX’s serpentine route, as we did all we could to avoid all puddles. But as YHC pointed out, the GrowRuck is behind us and drainage testing of footwear is overrated. Through a show of hands (none) the PAX was training for nothing other than staying dry and comfortable. Wusses? Probably, but dry socked wusses.

    As we passed the 1 mile mark of the ruck, Dauber noticed lightening in the distance. We quickly made the decision to keep moving, as it was still pretty far away, and we were nearing the 1/2 way point of the ruck. We ducked into Ottawa Park GC and while crossing the fairway of hole #1, Flag toting Modell took a spill, but miraculously saved the flag, simultaneously saving his posse from PT.

    As we made our way east along Bancroft, the PAX was in good spirits. Much of the talk was about baseball (really? Go figure… Dauber and Romano talking baseball?) We noticed the lightening again, and this time a little closer. We were at about the 2/3 point, and it appeared that our timing would be just about right to get back before we put ourselves in danger.

    The PAX was in the home stretch, and could see the TPD Museum in the distance. At this point, a light rain started to fall.

    Having arrived at the endex, the Countorama, refreshingly short at 4, and the Nameorama, took about 5 seconds. Modell was the Six on the 2nd go-around of the Countorama. At Dauber’s urging, he had to come up with something new. (Hmmm 4 PAX here, guessing guys are the Six pretty regularly). Modell told the story of the birth of his 4th child. Figuring that after 3 births Mr & Mrs Modell had the timing figured out, they waited until the last minute to head to the hospital. Baby Modell had other plans, and Dr Modell ended up assisting in the delivery in his own home. Best Six story to date.

    Prayers for Patience, and for Israel (and I’m sure others that I should have written down, sorry). YHC wrapped it up in the BOM. The rain hit as we were heading out of Caddyshack.

    Moleskin: Initially dreading getting up earlier to head to Caddyshack, it turns out to be a great decision. The smaller PAX and the secluded trails of the AO definitely make it a completely different experience. Thanks for letting me Q.


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