Pacesetter (Pride Rock)

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Date(s) - 01/09/2019
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:

Sylvania Pacesetter Park


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp Style Workouts.  Lots of lands and lots of possibilities. Meet near field #4 by the gazebo.


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  1. Houdini
    Houdini says:

    Leave “IT” Here

    As 18 men looked upon the world on top of pride rock. What they saw was a need for change. To change this land of sorrow. This land of hate. Did they have what it takes to make the change? Did they believe it was in them to help bring peace to their world around them? They knew what had to happen to help make this change. To be leaders of men. They had to relieve their hearts and minds of the hate inside. Thats just what they did……

    Q: Houdini

    The brave souls: Mr. Belding, Tweety, Sipe, Scrum, El Chapo, Mailman, Jake the Snake, Brita, Mary Lou, Pixar, Goose, Mickey, Nails, Gadgot, Tupac, FNG, Bluto.

    The Beginning:

    SSH to keep movement while Q was in speech mode. Leave “IT” Here.

    Counted of in groups of three. Separate groups stay together and pick up their six.

    6 Stations awaited them:

    Moseyed to Station 1
    30 Axe kicks over posts (2 is 1)

    Station 2
    30 Dips

    Station 3
    25 Squats

    Station 4
    10 Body Builders

    Station 5
    25 Imperial Walkers (2 is 1)

    Station 6
    30 American hammers (2 is 1)

    In between stations each group moseyed around “flag island” at entrance then back to next station.

    Know the 6
    FNG- Welcome James “Baker” Wagner

    Announcements: Mr. Belding setup a “fund” to help Houdinis family with M going through chemo. Respect!
    Prayer intentions: Bluto: A family lost their 8 month old child recently. Sipe: His M is having some testing done for reoccurring headaches. Brita: First Responders and Our Troops making the ultimate sacrifice. Houdinis M

    2nd F at Cantina(Mayberry)
    Tupac, Tweety, Chapo, Belding, Scrum, Mickey, Gadget, Jake the snake, Mary Lou, Pixar, Nails.

    18 souls came to pride rock in search of how to be leaders of men and teach how to squash the hate inside. And thats just what happened. Theyre journey is just beginning, but can be free from the one thing that can tear them down. Cause they Left “IT” Here……

    Respectfully submitted,
    Rick “Houdini” Hostettler


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