Pacesetter (Pride Rock)

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Date(s) - 01/23/2019
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:

Sylvania Pacesetter Park


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp Style Workouts.  Lots of lands and lots of possibilities. Meet near field #4 by the gazebo.


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  1. Tom (Bagels) Russell
    Tom (Bagels) Russell says:

    F3 Workout 1/23/19

    Q – Bagels
    Pax – Pixar, Jake the Snake, Houdini, Goose, Chernobyl (FNG), Tupac, Sipe, Brita, Tweety, Ozzie, Mr. Belding, Colonel, El Chapo, Billy Bob, Drago, Bagels

    • Warmup
    o Side straddle hop x20
    o Michael Phelps
    o 1 lap around field
    • Core round 1
    o Bicycle in cadence to 20
    o LBC in cadence to 50
    o Plank jacks in cadence to 20
    o Hold plank in cadence to 20
    • Walk Like An Egyptian – lunges in single file, pax in back lunges to front while others hold the position. To end of field and back.
    • Cardio – Lap around field
    • Partner round 1
    o 1 holds plank, other jumps over partner. 20 jumps then switch.
    o Catch Me if You can – 1 person does 5 burpees, partner runs backwards. Then run and catch the partner. Switch roles and head back to start.
    o Wheelbarrow (partner holds ankles while crawling) to end of field. Switch roles and head back to start.
    • Cardio – Lap around field
    • Core round 2
    o Leg lift situps (V-Ups) in cadence to 20
    o Shoulder taps (plank while touching alternating shoulders) in cadence to 20
    o Side plank each side in cadence
    • Partner round 2
    o Paddy jack merkins with partner x20
    o Burpees while partner does bear crawl to cone. Switch and repeat.
    • Guantanamo


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