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Date(s) - 08/01/2018
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:

Sylvania Pacesetter Park



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  1. Froman
    Froman says:

    QIC: Froman

    PAX: Goose, Billy Bob, Brita, Colonel, Ozzie, Friday, Pixar, Drago, Mocha, Cogsworth, Lavar, Gadget, Mickey, Froman

    The Thang: 14 PAX posted for a hump day beatdown at Pride Rock.Colonel rolled in just in time, carrying a load of banter, as usual.

    YHC presented the 5 principles, as well as the disclaimer. YHC mentioned that the hardest part of the Wednesday night workout was the hunger while waiting to eat afterwards. Friday then dropped the truth nugget about eating a banana beforehand with the explanation “monkeys never cramp”

    Warm-up commenced with a round of Side Straddle Hops, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, and Squats…all performed to perfection and in cadence. Warm-up concluded with a quick mosey out to a previously placed ruck and back…totaling about 200 yards.

    The main event was to be a relay race. YHC selected two captains, who would then select teams for the relay. Mickey and Brita accepted the honor of captainship and the teams took their positions on opposite sides of the shovel flag.

    YHC had previously placed a Rucker loaded with baseballs 100 yards from the shovel flag. On the command “Go” one member of each team would sprint to the Rucker, blindly pull out a baseball, and sprint back to their team. While this was going on, the remaining team members would hold plank.

    Upon the return of the runner, the entire team would perform the exercise written on the baseball. All exercises were done in cadence.
    Exercises were: Burpees, Merkins, Wide Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Clap Merkins, Lunges, Flutter Kicks, Imperial Walkers, Mtn Climbers, American Hammers, SSH, Lt Dans, and Squats. Multiple duplicates were in the Rucker, and completely random as certified by the Ohio Secretary of State and Lottery Commission.

    Team Mickey proved victorious, despite some crafty maneuvering by The Colonel. The winners were awarded the honor of a victory lap of the NW soccer fields, while Team Brita dropped for 20 Burpees, IC.

    After a brief recovery and photo op with a rainbow, the PAX moseyed to the SE corner of the field to begin a BLIMPS Lap. Ozzie selected the number 7, so the PAX gave 7 Burpees in cadence. We then moseyed to the NE corner of the field, where the PAX performed 10 lunges per leg. Mosey again, to the NW corner of the field, where in honor of Splinter shooting a 118 earlier that day on the links, we did 10 Four-Count Imperial Walkers (1+1+8=10). Moseying South, the PAX circled back for the 6 and settled at the midway point for a round of 14 Merkins IC since Friday was the youngest PAX in attendance (14). The PAX moseyed again, this time a short run to the east corner of the maintenance building. Billy Bob has posted some absurd number of times (can’t remember) over the past 33 days, so we did that number of 4 count Plank Jacks. The final Mosey was back to the flag, where we circled up for Squats. Using the 33 days since Billy Bob first posted, and pushed through 33 four count squats (66).

    Count o Rama confirmed 14 PAX, with Friday being the 6. YHC expressed his admiration of Friday’s maturity and dedication as an athlete, and Friday did a great job stepping up as the 6 in the company of the elderly. Cogs also stepped in with some great words about how lucky we are as fathers and sons to have the opportunity to experience this together.

    In the Name o Rama we learned that Goose was about to turn 37. In his honor we did 19 four count merkins. Yeah, that’s 38, I know.

    Announcements of the upcoming monthly rucks were followed by intentions and YHC closed it out with a short prayer.

    Moleskin: ‘Don’t Q it if you can’t do it” always comes to mind when given the opportunity to lead. The adrenaline of stepping in front of this group gets me through workouts I would never finish on my own.


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