Pacesetter (Pride Rock)

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Date(s) - 12/19/2018
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:

Sylvania Pacesetter Park



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Real Men Wear Jorts

    Q = Myron “TuPac” Bowers
    PAX = Bryan “Klinger” Riley, Chris “Mickey” Bosinger, Kevin “Mary Lou” Kudro, Vince “Boogie” Croci, Tim “Scrum” Lambert, Steve “Mr. Belding” Gfell, Joel “Bluto” Whitcomb, Jared “MailMan” Malone, Shaun “Billy Bob” Altenburg, Ted “Jake the Snake” Rouses, Jim “zeleti” Rousos, @Rob “Tweety” Burkholder, Ryan “Goose” Moore, Ryan “Goose” Moore, Ryan “Nails” Barnaby, Ron “Sipe” Vass, Rick “Houdini” Hostetler, Tom “Bagels” Russel, Matt “Stark” Yarder, Chad “Bullock” Huntbrinker, Mason “Razorback” Huntbrinker, Jim “El Chapo” Kilgore

    22 Men came to show respect for the JORT. Although everyone was encouragede to come in Jorts, only one came to SPORT THE JORT. I make no judgement on their manliness, perhaps their Jorts were dirty (well, thinking about that, real men would not hesitate to wear dirty clothes to a beatdown. …. well still not judging). TuPac was the Q and dressed the part, Jorts and all. Humm, Thug wearing Jorts? Not sure, but I get the feeling they respected the Jorts (or at least the nerve of the Q to unashamedly wear them).

    The thang

    Workout was 12 rounds, and the sequence as follows
    Round 1, exercise number 1
    Round 2, Exercise 2 and 1
    Round 3, Exercise 3, 2 and 1 etc

    For those that finished the ladder, bonus round was 12 of each exercise

    1 x Jog
    2 x One Leg Burpie
    3 x Ranger Merkins
    4 x Taps (plank jack shoulder taps)
    5 x Burpies
    6 x Absolutions
    7 x Big Boy situps
    8 x Lt Dans
    9 x Merkins
    10 x Plank Up Down
    11 x Surenders
    12 x Imperial walkers

    There were 2 FNG welcome to the group. Razorback, who deserves triple hate being more than 2 decades below 30 years old. (we love you) Razorback is 8 years old and the son of Bullock. I believe that he impressed his father, in his ability to keep up, he certainly earned the respect of everyone else. Well done! Boogie, well what can I say. He talked soooooo much that he gave the group no time to throw out names. I have never seen such a thing. Eventually he was named Boogie, and we also welcome him and expect him to be a regular and enter the Winter challenge.

    Ended in the usual manor with the COT, sending intentions for Digits’ family, all health issues begin experienced, for loneliness in the holiday season, and challenging us to reach out to those in need this season and just to step up as leaders. Also for intentions forgotten or not mentioned.

    More than half the men went to a second F for a great time of fellowship. It was an honor to Q so many HIMS. Thanks all


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