The Gauntlet (Rivercrest Park)

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Date(s) - 08/26/2019
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Rivercrest Park


boot camp, Perrysburg

Bootcamp style workout. Huge AO! 1/2 mile and .9 mile track. 2 Large pieces of playgroup equipment for pullups and hanging exercises. Over half a dozen soccer and lacrosse fields. The possibilities are endless for your Monday beatdowns!

The First Monday of each month will be a Murph workout in honor of Lt. (SEAL) Michael Murphy.

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  1. Huffy
    Huffy says:

    Perfect weather for a ‘Funnel Ball Beatdown’. Circled up at the start with a welcome to F3, what F3 stands for, the Mission Statement, the core principles, and finally the disclaimer. The count was 6 PAX. The PAX was:
    Huffy (Q)

    Started out with 25 side straddle hops, 20 slow couunt push-ups (3 count down 1 up), and a quarter mile Indian run. From there the main funnel Ball Beatdown began. 1 player shot 3 balls while everyone else held the tree hugger pose. The 1st 2 balls designated the workout and the 3rd ball was the multiplier.
    1 & 1 Burpees X 4
    1 & 2 Dips X 5
    1 & 3 4 Count. S. S. Hops X 5
    1 & 4 Pull-Ups X 4
    2 & 2 Sprints X 2
    2 & 3 Lt. Dans X 5
    2 & 4 2 Count Bicycles X 10
    3 & 3 Merkins X 5
    3 & 4 Smurf Jacks X 4
    4 & 4 Shooters Choice X ?
    2 misses = Bear Crawl X 1
    1 miss & 1 make = Burpees X4
    Missed multiplier ball = 6 X the reps
    As expected we had a lot of burpees (56 Reps) and unexpectedly had a lot of Pull ups (48). The group pushed each other hard and turned it into a fun challenging beatdown. We ended in the COT. Did the Counterama and Namerama. The old guys must have slept in cause there was no respect. I ended up the 6. We then announce the Frog then ended in prayer thanking the Lord for our abilities, freedoms, and for our 1st Responders and Military that protects our freedoms.
    Thanks to the PAX for allowing me to lead them! As always it is a great honor to Lead the men of F3!!


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