Rivercrest Park (The Gauntlet)

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Date(s) - 01/14/2019
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Rivercrest Park


boot camp, Perrysburg

Bootcamp style workout. Huge AO! 1/2 mile and .9 mile track. 2 Large pieces of playgroup equipment for pullups and hanging exercises. Over half a dozen soccer and lacrosse fields. The possibilities are endless for your Monday beatdowns!

The First Monday of each month will be a Murph workout in honor of Lt. (SEAL) Michael Murphy.

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  1. Bourbon
    Bourbon says:

    01/14/2019 – Going to the Beach Beatdown:

    Date: 01/14/2019
    Time: 5:30 – 6:15 AM
    Location: The Gauntlet – RiverCrest Park

    Q: Bourbon
    PAX: 10 total: Huckleberry, Geppetto, Casper, Charmin, Landslide, Venom, Stark, TuPac, Woodstock, and Bourbon (Q)

    F3 Mission: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith; To plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups, in order to invigorate male community leadership

    Principles of F3:
    • It must be free of charge
    • It must be open to all men
    • It must be held outdoor, rain or shine, hot or cold
    • It must be peer led in a rotating fashion by men who participate in the workout, with no training or certification necessary
    • It must end with a Circle of Trust (COT)


    • Warmup with 21’s. As many rounds as it takes to complete together. 10 burpee penalty for each missed round.
    o Sadly, this took three attempts with three fails to make up 30 burpees. Another attempt would be made later in the beatdown.

    • Everybody gets into a circle
    • Everybody starts in resting position (details below)
    • A beach ball is hit into the air
    • The hitter then gets into resting position as fast as possible
    • The next person to hit must move from resting position to hit the ball as fast as possible then return to resting position
    • Only one person can be out of resting position at a time
    • The PAX counts how many hits are consecutive
    • When the ball hits the ground, the PAX complete that many reps of penalty exercise then reset and start over
    • Repeato following resting position and exercises below

    • Exercises:
    o Round 1 = resting at plank position; penalty exercise is burpees
    o Round 2 = resting at Al Gore; penalty is Lt. Dan’s
    o Round 3 = resting at plank; penalty is hand release merkins
    o Round 4 = resting at Al Gore; penalty is jump squats
    o Round 5 = resting at plank; penalty is plank jacks (2 is 1)
    o Round 6 = resting at Al Gore; penalty is four count side straddle hops
    o Round 7 = resting at plank; penalty is Carolina dry docks
    o Round 8 = resting at Al Gore; penalty is big boy sit-ups
    o Round 9 = resting at plank; penalty is merkins
    o Round 10 = resting at Al Gore; penalty is burpees

    • The PAX embraced the new concept and we modified as needed. We decided to allow continual planking and hitting from plank position when resting in plank.
    • After 7-8 rounds, YHC decided it was time to honor Landslide’s 58th birthday and the PAX completed 58 diamond merkins OYO style.
    • Then YHC decided we needed some core and we completed the Bourbon special – 60 LBC’s, 50 American Hammers (2 is 1), 40 Big Boy Sit-ups, 30 Rope Climbers (2 is 1), 20 Flutter Kicks (4 is 1), and a 90-second plank.
    • We completed a few more rounds of the beach party and with the final round being a penalty for lack of coordination, especially by YHC, and rewarded with 58 jump squats to again honor Landslide’s birthday.
    • To end the beatdown out, YHC insisted we give 21’s one last attempt and the PAX responded and completed correctly the first try to make YHC proud.

    Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama

    Learn about the 6: Landslide was the 6th.

    COT / Prayers and Intentions: Landslide’s wife; Charmin’s baby and family; Houdini’s wife; all those PAX out there struggling mentally and physically.

    Announcements: Winter challenge


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