Fort Meigs Ruck (The Necropolis)

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Date(s) - 01/02/2018
5:30 am - 6:30 am

The Q:
Buttermaker & Flo

Fort Meigs


Perrysburg, ruck

What the ruck is a ruck?  A hike with a weighted backpack (approx 30 lbs) while stopping along the brisk walk to do some invigorating exercise. Excellent 1st F (fitness) and 2nd F (fellowship). If an FNG (Friendly New Guy) is a bit timid to post for a workout the ruck is a great intro to the pax.

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  1. Cobra
    Cobra says:

    The Jester, the Blade, and the Stone

    14 PAX (0 FNGs): Buttermaker, Cobra, Stark, Bourbon, Yeti, Bambi, Woodstock, The Colonel, Rooster, Raven, Jennay, Shakira, Tupac, Casper
    QIC: Cobra

    Suggested pre-ruck readings from the Q Source:

    Welcome – F3 Mission and 5 Core Principles

    Ruck with weighted packs plus one Stars and Stripes shovel flag. The men rucked to the back of Fort Meigs single file and in silence while contemplating the Jester that holds us back from being a greater version of ourselves. Upon reaching the base of the hill we channeled that frustration into action by sprinting up the snowy hill and completing 5 10 count Iron Mans in cadence. Discussion occurred of using the concept of the Blade and the Whetstone to help us combat our Jesters. From their we rucked to the bridge across the river. The silence was broken and men freely shared their personal Jester with the brothers next to them along with conversations of how to help each other. Upon reaching Maumee, we attempted to leave our Jesters there and proceeded back across the bridge with each man holding a wall sit on the bridge columns. Continually, the last in line sprinted to the next open column as the others cheered him on in the gloom. On the other side the concept of Accountability was reviewed and each man needs someone else to hold them accountable for their goals. We continued to the cemetery while talk among the men revolved around helping each other be accountable in 2018. A brief stop in the Fort Meigs Cemetery allowed us to reflect on our mortality, the legacy we would leave behind us, and how being accountable this next year could change the trajectory for every year after. We then rucked back to the Fort parking lot to face 2018.

    Total ruck distance approximately 2.5 miles.

    Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, COT.

    Jared “The Colonel”Helton was the 6 and we learned about how he got into F3, his nickname, and what the group means to him. So awesome for him to come to our Southern AO and all the men truly appreciate his work in bringing F3 to the region.

    Prayer intentions for the men of F3 to overcome their Jesters, for F3 families who lost loved ones over the holidays, and for those struggling with sick children. Prayer by Cobra to close out. It was an honor to lead and as stated on the ruck, any man who doesn’t have someone in their life to help hold them accountable can feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to check in every few weeks to keep you on track in 2018. Happy New Year!


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