Fort Meigs Ruck (The Necropolis)

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Date(s) - 07/24/2018
5:30 am - 6:30 am

The Q:
Buttermaker & Flo

Fort Meigs


Perrysburg, ruck

What the ruck is a ruck?  A hike with a weighted backpack (approx 30 lbs) while stopping along the brisk walk to do some invigorating exercise. Excellent 1st F (fitness) and 2nd F (fellowship). If an FNG (Friendly New Guy) is a bit timid to post for a workout the ruck is a great intro to the pax.

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  1. Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean says:

    The Necromancer Ruck

    PAX: Stark, Agent Orange, Casper, Hazmat, Woodstock, Huffy, Ponzi, Bourbon, Buttermaker, Dutch, Q*Bert, Venom, Geppetto, Raven, Flo, Montoya, Bambi, Tots, Boyz II Men, Jimmy Dean (Q)

    After going over the mission of F3 and the 5 core principles 20 HIM took off two by two with Old Glory out front, a 120# sandbag partner carried, a 40# and a 60# sandbag side by side. Though YHC neglected to do a count prior to stepping off, he took advantage of Qing to do a count on his own.

    The group took off from the Necropolis towards the Wall. We traversed through the Ft Meigs cemetery along the way with the group struggling to determine how best to pass the 120# sandbag to the next group. As we approached Indiana, we were greeted with a chain gate to exit the cemetery which we overcame with ease. Greeting us along the busy road were two horn honks resulting in 60 air presses.

    After doing squats while we waited for the light to change, we continued down Front St. towards the Wall with exchanges of the sandbags continuing to happen regularly as the Q did his best to keep fresh men under them.

    The PAX remained strong as we went down the ramp at the Wall. After another changing of the sandbags, we went up the stairs. Those who had sandbags carried them, while the rest bear crawled up the stairs. Though there was some mumbling, which YHC understood to be extreme gratitude, the ascension up the Wall proved to be nothing for the strength and determination of these HIM.

    We made our way back to the start point along the same path, changing out those carrying the sandbags regularly. Again, we were held up by the light and we did squats as we waited. Upon crossing Indiana, more people were driving on the road which resulted in more air presses. A triple car honk guaranteed that we got 90 of them in.

    We did a return through the graveyard and as we rounded the last leg of the ruck, Bambi and Tots did a shuffle run under the 120# sandbag. BEASTS! The rest of the PAX ended up having to shuffle/jog along to keep up as we finished up at the endex.

    Next was COR, NOR and know the 6. Huffy shared how his love of mountain biking earned him his nickname and how he appreciates being part of this group because he can see how he’s gotten better because he is a part of it.

    In the COT, prayers were lifted up for Kevin’s family, Rob and his family, first responders and always for our troops. YHC reminded the PAX of the shortness of our life and encouraged us all to be better men today. Better men for our M’s, 2.0s, and our community.

    Always an honor to lead this group of men who push me to be better every time I post!



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