Saturday Workout – Cobra Kai Beatdown

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Date(s) - 07/15/2017
7:00 am - 8:00 am

The Q:

Southview High School



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  1. Splinter
    Splinter says:

    56 members of the Pax awakened early to come join their brothers in the gloom. Fortunately we were blessed with perfect weather conditions on this fine Saturday!

    QIC: Splinter and Macchio
    PAX: 56 w/ 8 FNG’s (Brute, Kitty, Champ, Macchio, Valdez, The Colonel, Dauber, Ladybug, Mayor, Bubba, Blanks, Trapeze, Screech, McFly, Mr. Belding (SYL), The Hoff, Scrooge, Bluto, Romano, Cogsworth, Gadget, Sipe, Bagels, Ollie, Mickey, Mater, Fairweather, Hustle, Stark, Sparkles, Deluth, Froman, Rocko, Klinger, Mr. Belding (CHA), Leia, Sideshow, Ozzie, Pixar, El Chapo, Glitch, The Worm, Gecko, Edison, Splinter, FNG’s: Brief, Turtle, Hefferin, McCrackin, Gap, Bambi, Meijer, and Buttermaker)

    SSH x 30 IC
    Leg Swing Front to Back x 20 each leg IC
    Leg Swing Crescents OYO
    Michael Phelps OYO
    Knerkins x 10 IC
    Front Snap Kick / Side Kick / Rear Kick x 10 Each leg IC

    The Thang:
    Count Off 1’s and 2’s
    1’s mosey to Field w/ Macchio and 2’s w/ Splinter to Bleachers (run with hands up)
    Field Work:
    Round 1: Backfist/ReversePunch Front Thrust Kick back leg set down forward. 10 yards and do pyramid knerkins in yard line. (10-9-8-7-6). Sprint from 50 yard line the rest of the field.
    Round 2: Repeato w/ Knuckle Mountain Climbers (10-9-8-7-6)
    Round 3: Horse Stance downward hard blocks (split Knerkins and KMC 5-5/4-4/3-3/2-2/1-1) Sprint 50
    Bleachers (3 Rounds)
    Count of into 6 groups:
    Groups 1-3 on steps 10 Flights (Alternate flights hitting every step and then skipping)
    Groups 4-6 on Exercises: Decline Knerkins x 15, Dips x 15, Al Gore Hold until switch

    Mosey Back to Warm-Up Circle (Props for Group 1 getting some Bonus V-Ups in while Group 2 finished in field!)

    Partner Up:
    Partner Sit-ups w/ Twist Punch x 10 (Ankle holds providing flashbacks from Sparkles Thursday Beatdown *shutter*)
    Swipe and Duck Squats x 20

    Spider Knerkins x 10 IC (1 count is each leg so 20 total knerkins)
    Leg Holds w/ Fence Assist:
    -Thrust Kick position (30 seconds each leg)
    -Side Kick position (30 seconds each leg)

    LBC x 25
    Guantanamo! (Leg raise pushdowns) Shoutout to Mr. Belding (CHA) for the suggestion!

    Mosey Back to Shovel Flag for Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, COT.

    Special welcome to our F3 brother Mr. Belding from Charlotte.

    Welcome to our FNG’s (Sorry if any of the names are butchered)
    Jeff “Brief” Hummison
    Dave “Turtle” Hertyl
    Tyler “Hefferin” Martin
    Jacob “McCrackin” Wenig
    Chris “Gap” Sellers
    Chris “Bambi” Fondran
    Cody “Meijer” Greis
    Eric “Buttermaker” Cartman

    Prayers for Nicole, Dan White, Family Gathering for Celebration, Josh, Allison and Asher, Justin Oberly, Bill Hoff, Les, and Blanks’ family member.

    I am sure I speak for Macchio as well when I say it was truly an honor to lead you men today. Thank you for keeping an open mind on the workout and for wanting to do better. #ISI



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