Sparklefest @ Stranahan Elementary

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Date(s) - 07/13/2017
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Burnham Park



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  1. Sparklefest
    Sparklefest says:


    Thanks for coming out today in the rain, I hope everyone got something from the workout. The pax numbered 35 guys and 1 FNG. The brace souls were Kitty, Mcfly, stark, Spaulding, Mickey, froman, Dauber, gadget, fairweather, Romano, ticket, splinter, pepper, klinger, sype, leia, mater, ladybug, gecko, mayor, Dijon, mailman, Scrooge, spuds, bluto, honeymoon, fosters, Ozzie, springs, colonel, belding, sparkles, FNG Arnold “cogsworth” Cruz.

    Warmup: Brisk run around playground, stretch.

    Upper body: manual triceps 45 seconds, manual merkens 45 seconds, manual shoulder press 45 seconds, manual shoulder tree (forward, diagonal, side) 45 seconds each.

    Lower Body: manual leg curl 1 minute, manual hip flexor 1 minute, manual squat 1 minute.

    Team core: 100 crunches/bicycles, 45 second front plank, 45 second R side plank, 45 second L side plank, 20 opposite arm/leg extensions.

    Final march: 100 yard duck walk/squat shuffles, 20 burpees.


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