Scott High School (The Dawg House)

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Date(s) - 02/14/2019
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Scott High School


boot camp, Toledo

Bootcamp Style Workout. Park in the parking lot behind the school.

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  1. Jared "Mailman" Malone
    Jared "Mailman" Malone says:

    PAX: 9 – Beaker, Chanel, Jimmy Dean, Wolfgang, Dauber, Modell, Scrooge, Rocco, and Mailman

    QIC: Mailman

    Eight PAX started off Valentine’s Day with Mailman as their Valentine.

    Prior to starting the beatdown, Modell, Scrooge, and Mailman did some “test” runs on the field. The field was icy but only the lettering and logo was slippery. Modell, Scrooge, and Mailman looked like a bunch of kids running around prior to start time testing the conditions. Modell in typical fashion was scared to death about black ice. He kept reminding Scrooge and Mailman to watch out for the ice. Scrooge laughing at Modell and not taking his advice went galloping to the parking lot and slipped at the fence, almost falling on his six. Modell and Mailman laughed at him and proceeded to the parking lot.

    Mailman had the group run to the icy field and line up on the goal line. We did 14 reps of the following movements. In-between each movement we would run the length of the field and back.

    M: merkins
    A: around the worlds (4 is 1) **NEVER AGAIN!!**
    I: imperial walkers (2 is 1)
    L: lunges or lieutenant Dans, PAX choice.
    M: man makers without weights (burpees)
    A: American hammers (4 is 1)
    N: Narrow squats

    Then Mailman had everyone do a “BEAST” round…same number of reps and running the length of the field in-between each movement.

    B: Burpees
    E: even more burpees
    A: around the worlds (4 is 1)
    S: squats
    T: take a lap around the field

    Once a PAX member finished this work they picked up the six and continued with the movements.

    All PAX finished with 10 min to go so Mailman had everyone in honor of Modell do some ab work to get that “honey dripping!” We did a collection of American hammers, sit ups, crunches, crunchy frogs, Beakers favorite pickle pounders, and some plank work.

    COT consisted of Modell as the 6. Modell spoke about Scrooge and what he offers to F3 as well as how he holds himself with family life and life outside of the gloom of F3. Honestly, I don’t know what Modell sees in him and I’m not entirely sure Scrooge is that great of a guy. I mean his name is Scrooge. We had announcements and prayers for Chanel’s old co-workers husband going in for a colon procedure, Landslide’s wife, Houdini’s wife, and for us all to be better men throughout the day.

    It was also great to have the return of Dauber!! We missed good ole Gap and Romano though!

    Great work fellas! Honored to lead and be a member of the PAX!



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