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Date(s) - 06/02/2019
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School


boot camp, Sylvania

Typical routine: warm-up with Merkins, stretching, side-straddle-hops, etc.  Then proceed to the track and/or field for running mixed with strength training.  Finish off with the C.O.P (circle of pain) for merkins, planks, ab work, supermans, etc.

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  1. Geppetto
    Geppetto says:

    Backblast – June 2, 2019
    AO: The Fuse – Sylvania Southview High School, Sylvania, OH
    QIC: Geppetto
    PAX: Ticket, Sip, Chewy, Smails, Nails, Houdini, Tupac, Geppetto, Doodles (FNG)
    Workout: Bases Loaded

    Mission and Principles:
    F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
    Mission – Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
    The core principles of F3 are that it must:
    • Be free of charge
    • Be open to all men
    • Be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
    • Be led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary. You versus you. Modify or stop an exercise if you need to. The most important thing is that nobody gets hurt.
    • End with a Circle of Trust

    Warmup (In Cadence)
    -(20) four count side straddle hops
    -(15) four count windmills
    Additional warm ups: Moseyed to softball field and ran the warning track foul pole to foul pole twice.

    The “Thang”: Counted off by 4, partnered up and headed to our corresponding bases. 1’s to 1st base, 2’s to 2nd base, 3’s to 3rd base and 4’s to home plate.

    1st base = AMRAP Merkins
    2nd base = AMRAP LBC’s which changed to Imperial Walkers because of the saturated field
    3rd base = AMRAP Squats
    Home Plate = 15 burpees

    When last partner was finished with the 15 burpees, groups rotated around the field. With the new group at home plate performing the next 15 burpees. Kept this rotation going for 15 minutes.

    Second half of workout was the following station exercises and movements to the next base:
    Home Plate: (10) Absolutions, Lunge Walk to 1st Base
    1st Base: (20) Merkins, Bear Crawl to 2nd Base
    2nd Base: (30) Calf Raises, Crab Walk to 3rd Base
    3rd Base: (40) American Hammers, Inchworm Walkout to Home Plate

    To finish up we lined up a home plate for an around the bases sprint. When a PAX reached first base the person behind them started and tried to catch them before they reached home.

    Time was called and we ran back to the parking lot and shovel flag for:

    Count-O-Rama – Nine
    Sharing of the six – Sipe. EH’d by Klinger. Enjoyed the workouts from day one but was waiting for a “catch”. The catch never came but an abundance of friendships did come, and he is very thankful for that. Named Sipe because he is a Steelers fan and in his words “Sipe was the last good QB the Browns had.”
    Naming of the Six – Doodles
    Circle of Trust

    Announcements: Two CSM opportunities this week. Quadriplegic fundraiser golf outing coming in August. Tupac to provide more info.

    Ball of Man – Prayers for Sipe’s wife, Chewy’s brother in law, Houdini’s wife, Extra Extra’s parents travels and Houdini and others who are participating in a Spartan race next weekend. Prayers of thanks for the ability to rise each day and exercise.

    Spreadsheets from the Gloom: Temp: High 50’s no wind. Extremely wet. The conditions were less than ideal but we made the best of it. Changed LBC’s to Imperial Walkers to avoid getting completely soaked. We saw a man walking towards the track and we thought it was an EH opportunity or maybe someone who showed up late to the workout so Sipe and Houdini headed that way. It ended up being Extra Extra walking his dog. He joined us for COT.

    It was an honor to lead.


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