Southview High School – 6:30 am Beatdown

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Date(s) - 09/09/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

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Southview High School



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Backblast-9/9/17…38 Pax showed up in the gloom…Rose, Scrooge, Gap, Ollie, Splinter, H2, Ozzie, Mickey, Mayor, Sallie, Mailman, Bagels, Mater, Edison, Brita, The Colonel, Gadget, Klinger, Worm, Sideshow, Keaton, Glitch, Romano, Honeymoon, Froman, Kitty, Sheriff, Willie, Dauber, Brute, Trapeze, Fosters, El Chapo, Dijon and we welcomed 4 FNGs-..John “Hopper” Schantz, Ken “Ball” Tarry, Brad “Spicolae” Swinsky, Mike “Aces” Vogelsong,
    Mosey to track.. 1 lap
    Quick stretch followed by sprint work of:
    10 yd powerskip with 40 yd sprint
    10yd karioka with 40 yd sprint
    10 yd high knee with 40 yd sprint
    10yd but kick with 40 yd sprint
    10 yd 180° jumps with 20 yd sprint
    Repeato 2x
    Mosey to end zone area for countorama for groups for “Thunder rolls”….7 groups of 5 men plus 3 pax added for pushing half ton Chevy approx 150 yds…in between 150 yd sprint pushing truck was;
    10 merks,10 plank jacks,10 leg raises,10 squats,10 pointers…
    1st lap..empty truck 5 men pushing..1 elder statesman driver in each group. Truck in neutral no brake…gvwr of Silverado 6400lbs..goal 6 min or less for entire Pax- attained each time.Repeato with 1 group in truck bed while other pushes..rotate to all others
    Followed by unsanctioned sprint races (special thanks to Gadget for use of Chevy Avalanche) …groups 1v2,3v4,5v6..Silverado (gvwr 6400 lbs) vs avalanche (gvwr 7000lbs)with unknown weight of unknown..COT with prayers for hurricane victims, domestic violence victims and personal prayer requests..Solid work men!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Backblast 9-9-2017, northview have

    15 men posted, 2 FNGs
    Cooter, John Henry, Valdez, Mr Belding, Bluto, Cogsworth, Pixar, Ladybug, Nails, Hacksaw, Mercy, Wake, welcomed Rupture, and 4H

    25 side straddle hops
    25 Phelps
    25 Shoulder rotations
    Aligator crawl down hill
    Aligator crawl up hill
    Weighted walking lunges down hill
    Weighted reverse walking lunges up hill
    Partner Merkin pyramid
    25 weighted squat jumps
    Man maker 25
    Colt 45
    Howling monkeys
    30 deadlifts stiff leg toes elevated
    30 bent rows
    Repeto deads and rows
    Bring Sally up pushup
    Guantanamo X2
    Bring Sally up leg lifts

    COT prayers for families and volunteers in Florida, prayers for Amy

  3. Honeymoon
    Honeymoon says:

    8 PAX met this morning in the gloom at southview:

    Nails, Mickey, H2, Sideshow, Wake, Sipe, Mailman, and myself….including an epic fartsac from @Jared “Colonel” Helton. He was probably teaching the millennial a lesson on committing to something and then not doing it.

    Here’s the thang:

    We did three ALARMs (arms, legs, abs, F3 “r”‘exercise, F3 “m” exercise). Each exercise for one minute.

    ALARM #1
    partner shoulder press, lunges, LBCs, run one lap, merkins

    ALARM #2
    Shoulder tap, squat jumps, peter parkers (I struggled a lot), ranger merkins, Makhtar N’ Diayes

    ALARM #3
    Burpees, jump squats, mountain climbers, Russian twists, patty cake merkins

    We finished up with 5 modified Spartans (100yd sprint, 10 merkins, 20 jack webers, then walk back down to the other side)

    Moseyed back to the shovel flag for COT. Prayed for Florida and those impacted by hurricane IRMA. Scrooge and Mailmans babies on the way. And Mickey and all of us prayed for patience for the ones we love the most.


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