Southview High School – 6:30 am Beatdown

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Date(s) - 09/16/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Southview High School



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  1. Jon Newsom
    Jon Newsom says:

    DATE: 9/16/17
    COUNT: 16
    QIC: OZ

    PAX POSTING: Mater, Danica, Willy, Scrooge, Mad Dog, Edison, Goose, Ollie, Worm, Mayor, Bagels, Trapeze, Brita, Mary Lou, Jimmy Dean, Oz

    The Thang:

    Quick warmup followed by a short mosey to the Southview track.

    ROUND 1: Four Laps around the track. After finishing each lap the PAX would run back to the 6 to finish each lap as a group. Stopping after each lap to complete 10 burpees.

    One Lap –> 10 burpees
    One Lap –> 10 burpees
    One Lap —> 10 burpees
    One Lap —> 10 burpees

    ROUND 2: Rucksack Indian Run

    Split the PAX into two Indian Run groups. Each PAX would be running with their Rucksack on. Last PAX would stop complete 10 merkins and sprint to catch the front of Indian Run. This would continue for four laps.

    One Lap —> 10 Merkins
    One Lap —> 20 Lunges
    One Lap —> 10 Merkins
    One Lap —> 20 Lunges

    ROUND 3: Rucksack Run

    Two laps at own pace w/ Rucksack. Run back to 6 after each lap to complete as a group.

    ROUND 4: Mosey to Circle to complete series of exercises w/ Ruck

    — Plank Circle w/ Ruck – Bear Crawls around outer plank circle (Guantanamo Style)
    — 20 Flutter Kicks w/ Ruck
    — 10 squats with Shoulder Ruck Press

    ROUND 5: Mosey to Southview Football Field Big Bleachers

    Snake full bleacher stairs w/ rucksack

    PAX gathered for COT with prayer led by Willy.


  2. Mr. Belding
    Mr. Belding says:

    Mt. Doom
    18 Men posted for the ascent up Mount Doom. Belding, Wake, 4H, Froman, Balco, John Henry, Cooter, Rupture, Valdez, Sideshow, Mercy, Sipe, Paul Bunyan, Hacksaw, Cogxworth, Hustle and FNG’s Brockovich and Haystacks.

    Ladder workout with more reps progressively added. After each exercise, PAX bear crawled halfway up Faith Hill and walked back down doing squats in alternating directions.

    10 Side plank burpees
    20 Burpees
    30 Plank push ups
    40 Surrenders
    50 Monkey humpers
    60 Travoltas
    70 Skaters
    80 Merkins
    90 LBCs
    100 Flutter kicks
    110 Towel hops
    120 Side straddle hops

    A few brave souls began the descent down the mountain after completing their journey up.

    COT led by Belding


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