Southview High School – 6:30 am Beatdown

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Date(s) - 09/30/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

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Southview High School



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  1. Hustle
    Hustle says:


    QIC: Hustle
    17 Pax reporting including 2 FNGs: Trapeze, Trinity, Goose, Nails, Pixar, Stamper, Mayor, Willie, Ollie, Mater, Ozzie, Bagels, Splinter, Rose, Hustle, Mike Dillon ‘Trojan’, and Troy Annaya ‘GoGo’

    Warm-up: Burpee ‘jumps’ over a parking spot line followed by imperial walkers doing sets of 10-8-6-4-2

    6 stations around the track at locations at the end zones and 20 yard lines consisting of diamond merkins, air squat jumps, burpees, revere lunges, in-place tin mans, and full sit-ups done in sets of 12-8-5-5. Before leaving each station, must perform same number as the set you’re on of ‘suicides’ the width of the track, which totaled 140. 4 cinder blocks were scattered around to bring to the next station taking turns to carry.

    The PAX then spread around lane 1 around the entire track for MOM doing merkins, which started with 1, followed by everyone around and performed after the guy in front finished the set (1 merkin and around; 2 merkins and around, etc. until 5 were performed). Then the same thing, starting with 1 up through 5, was done with ‘static’ flutter kicks (one leg raised upward and the other 6 inches off the ground). We recovered, stood up, and sprinted to the next guy until all sprinted to the guy next to him, carrying a cinder block.

    Moseyed to the flag, which had to be the school flag (an idea thanks to Mayor!) as we did not have a shovel flag. Prayer intentions included the hurricane victims and families, our kids’ safety with school and activites, and Brita’s father).

    ALWAYS a privilege to lead and look forward to doing it again!!


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