Stranahan / Wildwood (Run)

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Date(s) - 07/24/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Stranahan Elementary



3-5 Mile run with your F3 Brothers

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  1. Trinity
    Trinity says:

    Date: 7/24/18
    Q: Trinity
    Pax (14): Trinity, Springs, Splinter, Scrooge, Hacksaw, Cogsworth, Rose, Doyt, Mailman, Jeter, Sipe, Mickey, Mater, Brute
    The Thang: YHC analyzed the Wildwood trails to come up with 2 route options for Pax to cover either 4.2 miles or 3 miles. Not only did we have options, but there were laminated maps that YHC walked everyone through before we set out with the goal of not getting anyone lost.

    Everyone followed the red trail (Upland Woods Loop Trail) from Stranahan and entered at the second trail head to complete a full loop before heading to the visitor center. This first leg was approximately 2.1 miles. Upon reaching the visitor center a quick PT consisted of 25 Merkins and 25 Straight Leg Sit Ups. Pax then had the choice to take the trail straight back to Stranahan for an additional .9 miles or to complete the loop again and cover an additional 2.1 miles. Once back at Stranahan an additional 25 Merkins and 25 Straight Leg Sit Ups finished us up.

    We met up with the Ruckers and Froman brought us home with CoR, NoR and CoT.

    As always, it was an honor to lead this morning.

    Moleskin: YHC believes that all rucks and runs should be clearly highlighted before setting out. It’s too dark and too hard to read the trails especially at the pace some of the pax are running. A brief explanation or even a pre-blast on GroupMe with the details is all that’s required to keep someone from getting lost in Wildwood. Hopefully the laminated maps will foster that going forward.


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