The Ant Hill (Stranahan Elementary)

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Date(s) - 08/20/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Stranahan Elementary


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp Style Beatdown enjoying everything nature has to offer. This site offers a Playground for pull-ups, a large field full of …you guessed it…ant hills, and secret access into one of our best MetroParks.

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  1. Pinewood
    Pinewood says:

    PAX: Klinger, Rudy, Honeymoon, Mater, Mayor, Nails (6), Hustle, Splinter, Snowden (FNG), Dirty, Johnny, Under Seige, Colonel, Ollie, Trinity, Patch, Scrooge, Pinewood (Q)

    Circled up at 5:30 with the 5 core principals and welcomed the FNG. Quickly demonstrated each workout and then we went to it.

    5 cones/ lines spaced 5 parking spots apart with workouts assigned at each. Starting at Cone 1 the exercise was performed and then moved to Cone 2. Once done with Cone 2 it was back to Cone 1, to Cone 2, to Cone 3 then run back to Cone 1. The process looked like this:
    Cone 1 > Cone 2
    Cone 1 > Cone 2 > Cone 3
    Cone 1 > Cone 2 > Cone 3 > Cone 4
    Cone 1 > Cone 2 > Cone 3 > Cone 4 > Cone 5 > Run around the building.

    The exercises were as follows which were alternated between rounds (IE: first exercise was done rounds 1 and 3 and the next was done rounds 2 and 4):
    Cone 1 (5 reps): Squats, Lt. Dan
    Cone 2 (10 reps): Merkins, Dips
    Cone 3 (15 reps): LBC, Freddy Mercury
    Cone 4 (20 reps): Dry docks, Burpees
    Cone 5 (25 reps): Klinger Kicks, American Hammers

    Ended in the COT with Nails giving a solid 6. Brought the FNG in to hear his story and get his F3 name. Announcements were brought up for Capture the Flag and Cherry St. painting. Said a quick prayer and we were on our way.


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