The Crucible (Cherry Street Mission)

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Date(s) - 05/12/2023
5:30 am - 6:30 am

The Q:

Cherry Street Mission


boot camp, Toledo

Tabata HIIT workout in the spacious parking lot outside of the Cherry Street Mission’s Life Revitalization Center.

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  1. Doug Mallette
    Doug Mallette says:

    F3 Yoga @ CSM V3
    Q: Nougat
    Pax: Nougat, Cobra Commander, Patch, Trex, Nerf Gun, Trojan, Belding, Poodle, Van Halen, Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration, Speedo, Juice, Romano, Houdini

    No TABATA format, but structure is similar (no annoying beeps/timers)

    CSM Pre-Run (2.5 miles): Nougat, Patch, Belding, BVVR, Cobra Commander, Nerf Gun, Romano, Juice

    1. Warmup
    1. Slow Burpee
    2. Abe Vigoda
    2. Bridge Series (Knees Chest)
    1. Bridge Hold
    2. Bridge Flow
    3. Bridge w/ arms overhead hold
    4. Bridge w/ arms overhead flow
    5. Bridge Hold w/ R leg extended
    6. Bridge Hold w/ L leg extended
    3. Locust Series
    1. Locust
    2. Locust Arms Wide
    3. Locust Arms Forward
    4. Locust Flow
    4. Full Series – optional Half (Downward Dog, Mountain)
    1. Downward Dog
    2. Plank
    3. Crocodile
    4. Upward Dog
    5. Flow
    6. Flow
    7. Flow
    8. Flow
    5. Chair/Monkey Series (Forward Fold)
    1. Chair
    2. Monkey
    3. Chair
    4. Monkey
    5. Chair Flow
    6. Warrior Series (Mountain)
    1. W1
    2. W2
    3. Reverse W
    4. W2
    5. Triangle
    6. R Triangle
    7. Plank
    8. Mountain
    7. Plank Series
    8. Crescent Lunge series
    1. Right crescent lunge
    2. Left crescent lunge
    3. Flow
    4. Plank to DD to Right crescent lunge
    5. Plank to DD to left crescent lunge
    6. Full series to right crescent lunge
    7. Full series to left crescent lunge
    9. Tree Series
    1. Tree L Leg
    2. Tree R Leg
    3. Warrior 3 R Leg
    4. Warrior 3 L Leg

    – Forward Fold Chest Expansion

    COR – 14
    6 – Houdini
    Announcements: Convergence, Leadership Series, Challenge Weekend
    Prayer Intentions: BVVR’s friend, Pax injured or healing, our Community and families


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