The Frog: First Inaugural Veteran’s Day CSAUP Event

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Date(s) - 11/11/2017
2:30 am - 9:00 am

The Q:

Barrys Bagel


Perrysburg, Sylvania, Toledo

The Frog is our first ever Veteran’s Day CSAUP event and will be a team ruckoff!

Proceeds from the ruck will go to Ohio Chapter of Jimmy V Foundation and Heroes in Action.

The event is scheduled from 2:30AM to ~8:30AM.

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  1. Joe LeBlanc
    Joe LeBlanc says:

    The Frog 2017: Pre-Blast

    “Thou shall have a perfect and just weight”

    In a little over 10 Hours we will embark on our first CSAUP event honoring our Veteran’s and enjoying some good livin’!

    Please make sure you get to Barry’s in plenty of time so that you are ready to start at 2:30AM sharp.

    Leave time to: a.) Turn in waiver b.) Turn in money c.) Get weight plates from Stark d.) Equipment Check

    We want everyone to:
    1.) Be Safe
    2.) Have Fun
    3.) Kick some ass


  2. Froman
    Froman says:

    The FROG


    AO: The Ant Hill, Ruckus, Faith Hill, Tamo, The Fuse

    QIC: Splinter & Froman

    38 brave men of F3 Toledo braved this cold Veteran’s Day morning to ruck the streets of Sylvania, Ohio in honor of those who have served this country.

    AOL, Bambi, Bluto, Brita, Cobra, Cogsworth, Colonel, Dauber, Froman, Hacksaw, Hoff, Honeymoon, Hustle, John Henry, Kitty, Klinger, Lily, Looney, Mailman, Mary Lou, Mickey, Moana, Mr. Belding, Nails, Ozzie, Pixar, Rose, Schizo, Shrinkage, Sipe, Splinter, Stalker, Stamper, Stark, Ticket, Tony Packo, Wake, Zod

    Conditions: Cold, but calm, 25 degrees, Dark with increasing light.

    Announcements & Administrative:

    After Splinter checked in the PAX, making sure money and waivers were all in order, it was almost time. At 2:30 AM sharp, Klinger arranged the PAX in formation. We were moments away from stepping off for F3 Toledo’s first CSAUP and Ruck Event, The FROG!

    Splinter reminded everyone what this day is about, and honored those PAX of F3 Toledo who have served, or are serving: Klinger, Bluto, AOL, El Chapo, Box, Springs, Dos Equis, Mad Dog, and Tots. Thank you men!

    Mr. Belding announced that he would present a short leadership lesson at each AO throughout the FROG, and suggested that each PAX think of someone in their life who they felt was a good leader, and reflect upon that person throughout the lesson and the challenge. He reminded us that this event will be an ass kicker, and that it will suck.

    Mickey addressed the PAX emotionally with strong words of encouragement as only Mickey could do. Many of us pray that this speech was recorded so that generations could be inspired by this #HIM.

    The Thang:

    Ruck Leg 1 & Ruck AO 1: Welcome Party (Klinger’s Backblast)
    After some seriously inspirational words by Mickey, PAX were organized into 2 columns, with shovel flags leading the way we made our way towards Sylvania Ave and headed South. A short movement was made to the Ant Hill AO.

    Once we arrived, PAX were organized into 4 columns and put into an extended rectangular formation. Welcome to the Welcome Party!! YHC led the PAX through a series of exercises to get the blood flowing on the cold November morning.
    Starting with the SSH, progressing to the Merkin, both of which were done with rucks on and in cadence! Next, rucks came off, and we did overhead presses in cadence. Lastly, PAX hit their 6 and we performed Flutter Kicks with rucks extended overhead (of course, done in cadence!) At this point, it was YHC’s honor to pass the torch to Brita. Aye!!

    Ruck Leg 2 : Ant Hill to the Ruckus
    As the welcome party was wrapped up at the Ant Hill, the PAX discovered that there were many coupons in need of transport. 1000lbs in various sandbags and backpacks, as well as a barn beam of well over 200lbs. At this early hour, the PAX were full of energy and devoured the coupons.

    Brita was now in charge, and led the men out of the Ant Hill and back to Holland-Sylvania Road. His mission was to lead northbound to Harroun Park.

    Brita took charge early, keeping the PAX safe as they moved through the darkness, sometimes venturing from the safety of the sidewalk to walk upon…grass!

    Since he had no idea exactly what was in store, Brita was forced to develop his plan on the fly. A bit of a cluster#@*% early on, Brita became pissed and resorted to foul language to motivate his troops. It began to take form as the PAX reached the ½ way point. Some say it was due to his broad team of middle managers, some say it was in spite of them. Success nonetheless, as after 2.4 miles the destination was reached.

    Ruck AO 2: Harroun Park (Stark and Cobra Backblast)
    Pax split in to two groups.

    Cobra spoke about doing completely stupid things that others view as hard or impossible. If you put yourself first and are doing them for selfish reasons you will inevitably find your breaking point. If you live 3rd while putting God and others before yourself, you will find you are unbreakable.

    PAX commenced with two lines of centipede push-ups with each man’s feet on the shoulders of the man behind him. On the down PAX shouted “Attention to detail”. On the up “Teamwork is key”. PAX worked to do 10 group push-ups with packs on.

    Moseyed to the grass where the two lines performed tunnel of love. Each line held downward dog shoulder to shoulder. The man in the back army crawled through the tunnel to the front, with each man in line following until all crawled through.

    Ruck Leg 3: Ruckus to Faith Hill
    Kitty took the “Chain of Command” and led the PAX from the safety of the Ruckus, through the streets of Sylvania. The PAX fell silent as they slipped past The Boiler, once a thriving AO until the PAX was “Black Miata’d” by a neighbor’s complaint. Shortly thereafter, the PAX mounted Faith Hill.

    Ruck AO 3: Faith Hill (Belding’s Backblast)
    Bear crawl up Faith Hill dragging rucks as we went. Alternating arms each time. Those who finished did a circuit of 10 merkins, 10 air squats and 10 LBCs while waiting for the 6. PAX then crawl beared down the hill pulling rucks down in reverse. Those who finished early did a circuit of 10 merkins, 10 air squats and 10 LBCs while waiting for the 6. Finished with a sprint up Faith Hill.

    Ruck Leg 4: Faith Hill to Tamo
    Although still an apprentice, the PAX entrusted Honeymoon with their well-being and followed his lead to the next AO, TamoShanter (former Ruckus AO). Despite the grace of a newborn giraffe, Honeymoon delivered 38 men safely into the hands of Wake and his beatdown.

    Ruck AO 4: Tamo (Wake’s Backblast)
    FROG PAX arrived at the Tamo AO just prior to day break. 38 adventurers carrying their weighted rucksacks along with multiple individual coupons and a group coupon entered the parking lot from the east. They immediately were instructed to separate into four equal groups. After dividing up, two lines planked up in two different circles with their feet to the center of the circle. The other two remaining groups then circled around each planking circle. The planking PAX began by raising their left arms straight out. The standing PAX then completed squat shuffles giving the planking PAX “hi fives” as they shuffled around the circle counter clockwise. Once back to the beginning, planking PAX raised the other arm out and the standing PAX shuffled around the circle in the opposite direction. When both directions were completed, the PAX switched places and repeated the cycle. Then, to create some shoulder burn and quad burn, the PAX lined up in their lines and completed an Indian run style bear crawl. To complicate things, the PAX weaved in an out of their comrades. This nonsense continued for approximately 40 yards or until PAX became physically unable. Once complete, the PAX heard another thought provoking speech from Mr. Belding while we refueled.
    When the PAX turned to the east to head back to the shovel flags, a beautiful, early morning sunrise was cast upon the horizon. It was a view to reflect upon, reminding us that we were brought here for a purpose, one greater than ourselves, and design by our Heavenly Father.

    Ruck Leg 5: Tamo to The Fuse (Bluto’s Backblast)
    After the Pax recovered from Wake’s crazy bear crawl exercises it was now time for Bluto to take over. After refueling our bodies and draining our bladders we headed out to conquer Olander Park. We left Tam O Shanter and proceeded to enter into the Olander park system(luckily the gate was unlocked. As we worked our way around Olander we were able to observe the sun coming up. This made us think we were almost finished but there was much more fun/pain to be had. By the time we entered Olander the Pax was turning into a finely oiled machine. Bluto barked out orders and everyone knew exactly what to do. By now we figured out it was easier to drop the coupons and just have everyone move up two spots. This greatly decreased our changeover time and allowed the pax to stay together. Once we left Olander we proceeded down Sylvania avenue and proceeded to be honked at by numerous jealous motorists. Once we approached Southview HS we headed around the back to the practice field. The highlight was seeing our fellow F3 pax, who couldn’t make it to “The Frog,” anxiously waiting for “fartsack Feller” to arrive(It was not to come to fruition sadly). We proceeded to the practice field behind the football stadium and Bluto turned the pax over to The Colonel.

    Ruck AO 5: The Fuse (Colonel’s Backblast)
    PAX lined up along back corner practice field at one of the 1st fields that F3Toledo stepped on as a PAX and official part of F3nation.

    Thanked the PAX for the tremendous leadership displayed by so many and the numbers that have astounded everyone including the nation and Toledo. Remember to be thankful for what we have started as we approach 6 months of F3.

    With that we ran a hard lap around the football field.

    Explanation of Deuteronomy 25:15 – “thou shall have a perfect and just weight”
    In short – lead a life of integrity and honesty no matter the situation and/or dealings with others. In that era it was easy to be dishonest in the sale of goods and services b/c everything was done by scales and weights. A seller could easily and quickly cheat the buyer out of a few grams here and there to profit more. F3 strives for integrity and honesty in all we do….

    As an example of being able to handle honest weights each person was to partner up – preferably with someone they had by partnered with yet during the FROG. One partner had to frog hop all the way down the field while the other partner took 2 rucks and a coupon down the field alongside their partner. Switch at the end of the field with the partner and return to sideline. Belding was asked to demonstrate the Frog Hops, but chose not to (twice) out of embarrassment and flashbacks to the WTOL close up of his frog form.

    Ruck Leg 6: Straight Arrow
    As we departed the Fuse, Ozzie took the lead. The PAX exited the Fuse practice field and headed south to the bike trail. Heading east on the bike trail, it was a straight ruck for the remainder of this leg. Oz tried to get the PAX to harmonize in song, but thankfully there was enough separation in the PAX that YHC was spared. Ozzie navigated expertly until he relinquished his command to Hacksaw at the next rendezvous, the I-475 Overpass.

    Ruck Leg 6.1: The Mog Mile (Hacksaw’s Backblast)
    On October 3rd, 1993, members of the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force), supported by pilots from the 160th Aviation Regiment (Nightstalkers) and other SF units, went into the city of Mogadishu, Somalia to execute Operation ‘Gothic Serpent’, an attempt to apprehend key players in Mohammed Farrah Aidid’s dictatorship. While the initial mission went smoothly, things took a turn for the worse when two aircraft were shot down, forever coining the phrase ‘Blackhawk Down’. Determined to not leave a man behind, and also facing the task of securing the crash sites, Rangers and Deltas, scattered at several locations throughout the city, under heavy fire, most of them wounded, and low on supplies, held their positions until the morning hours of October 4th.

    As help from the 10th Mountain Division finally arrived, the armored vehicles could not accommodate all of the soldiers. At this point, some of them began their exit to a rally point on foot, under heavy fire, dehydrated and sleep deprived, all of them wounded in one way or another. This has become known as the “Mogadishu Mile”.

    “Mogadishu Mile”

    4 Rounds for time of:

    -19 Ground to Overhead 30# Ruck Sack
    -19 Front Squats 30# Ruck Sack
    -19 Merkins (one hand on Ruck Sack left then right for a total of 38)
    -400 m run with 30# Ruck Sack

    Rules for Mogadishu Mile

    *Your Ruck Sack is your ‘Ranger Buddy… cannot lose physical contact with it at any time. You may rest it on your body, or set it on the ground with one hand touching it, but do not let it go completely.
    *If you DO let your Ruck sack go, you forfeit the progress of that round, and you must start the round over.

    Symbolism of the “Mogadishu Mile”
    *You cover a total distance of one mile. Even though the soldiers actually walked between 2.5 and 3 miles depending on their starting point, it has become known as a “mile”. You carry your Ruck Sack during the run to symbolize the gear the soldiers carried.
    *19 reps – one honoring each soldier of Task Force Ranger killed during the battle and the day after.
    *Ground to overhead – as the soldiers held up their rifles the entire time
    *Squats – as they sought cover behind anything available
    *Push-ups – as they fell to the ground and had to get back up
    *Don’t let the Ruck Sack go – symbolic for the dedication the soldiers showed towards their creed to ‘not leave a man behind

    Round 1 will start under 475 bridge.

    Round 2 will begin at wooded fence row start on south side of path just inside wood cover still able to see 475 bridge.

    Round 3 will happen at south side entrance to path that has a street light at the end of first wooded over cover.

    Round 4 will take place at no motor vehicles sign. Then run (shuffle) to Holland Sylvania stop light to finish.

    It is AYG from start to finish this. Obviously there are going to be people that do well at this and there will be people that lag behind. As the quickest people finish the 19 reps of exercises, they have to pick up and carry the heaviest objects to the next stop on the run (shuffle). As the slowest people finish, there shouldn’t be weights left, outside of their rucks, so they won’t have to be slowed down as much in the run (shuffle).

    Those who finish first, go back and “save” the rest. Starting with the “6”. Grab their ruck for them and carry them if necessary.
    The idea is team work and no man left behind.

    Ruck Leg 6.2: The Toe (Dauber’s Backblast)
    On the final “stubby” leg of the Frog, The Pax took a left on Holland-Sylvania and marched in 2 columns towards Barry’s. Coupons were passed around, traffic was dodged and Belding reminded the PAX to walk like BadMotherFu$$?? as we crossed the finish line.

    Victory and the Circle of Trust
    As if ingrained in their DNA, upon arrival at Barry’s parking lot the PAX formed a perfect circle. After a Count-a-rama of 36 (Cobra and Rose, placing themselves 3rd, tended to family business) and a Name-a-rama, the FNG was brought forward for a ceremonious naming. There was only one obvious nickname, as this former sad clown was brought before us on the day of The FROG…he came to us as Michael Valasek, and he shall be henceforth known as Lily.

    At this point, the PAX were presented with well-deserved The FROG patches. (A special thank you to Pixar, who provided the design services for the patch.)

    Froman read a story to the PAX that was shared with him while down range. The story is sometimes known as “Pushing the Rock”, or “The unmoved Rock”. The story closely resembled the struggles of all men, and the purpose of why we post every day.

    Dauber closed out the BOM with inspiring words, in that Dauberish way that always seems to make so much sense.

    2nd F: Barry’s
    The PAX were once again brought into formation, as they filed into the mess hall (Barry’s) for the final test, patience.

    After a long wait, strong 2nd F was enjoyed by all present.

    Thank you to all who participated in our inaugural CSAUP event. We are proud to say that with the exception of the cost of the FROG patches, 100% of the proceeds are going to two very worthy organizations: The Jimmy V Foundation, Toledo Chapter, and Heroes in Action. Each will receive $415 for a total donation of $830 !


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