Downtown Beatdown

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Date(s) - 11/09/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Promenade Park


Perrysburg, Sylvania, Toledo

Special Event beatdown with Spartan Race CEO Led by Q’s: Kitty, Romano, and Stark

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  1. Matt Yarder
    Matt Yarder says:

    Special Remote AO visit to our Urban Core of Downtown Toledo – Amazing spot for a weekly AO! Can’t wait until it becomes a standard.

    QIC’s – Stark, Kitty, Romano
    PAX – Cobra, Jabroni, Sideshow, Modell, Spaulding, Brita, Mayor, Splinter, Mickey, Rooster, Shawshank, Hacksaw, Balko, Zod, The Colonel, Rose, Poodle, Woodstock, FNG’s Kevin “Coco” Car, Wes “Spider Monkey” Evans, and special guest appearance by Spartan Race CEO and Founder Joe “Skimmer” De Sena

    Stark began beat-down with cadence exercises
    25 X Seal Jacks
    25 X SSH
    15 X Windmill Toe Touches
    Around the Clock Ab destroyer
    Round 1 – Odds Plank tucks, Evens Ankle Touches. 1 o clock = 1 Plank Tuck, 2 o clock = 2 ankle touches, 3 o clock equals 3 Plank Tucks…etc up to 12 reps for 12 o clock. 15 second break, then back down from 12 to 1.
    Round 2 – Odds Plank Jacks, Evens pluse ups or hip raises with feet in air. Same process as above.

    Kitty Take Over
    • Mosey to hill seating area and partner up
    • Wheel barrel walks up the hill seating. Jog back down and do 10 bro-pees. Switch and repeato. Elbow plank until the six is in.
    • One leg hops up the stairs. Switch halfway. Gather at cement benches
    • Box Jumps (1 min) while partner does dips. Switch.
    • Fast toe touches (1 min) while partner does donkey kicks. Switch.

    • Mosey to riverside grassy area
    • Partner one runs a lap around the rectangle
    • Partner two works on 100 lat pullups with gnarly ship chain/200 incline merkins/300 LBC’s
    • Rotate at each lap
    • Pickup the six when you’re done.

    Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, Prayer and Ball of Man.


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