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Date(s) - 02/25/2023
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Close Park


boot camp, Toledo

Boot camp style workout.

Typical routine: warm-up with Merkins, stretching, side-straddle-hops, etc.  Then proceed to the playground equipment and/or field for running mixed with strength training.  Finish off with the C.O.P (circle of pain) for merkins, planks, ab work, supermans, etc.

SATURDAYS always followed up with 2nd F (fellowship) at Executive Diner on Sylvania.

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  1. Doug Mallette
    Doug Mallette says:

    Low Impact at Oasis

    Our focus will be on form, strength, balance, and flexibility. This workout can be as hard as you want it to be, but has modifications so that Pax can participate, even if they are recovering from or nursing an injury (or are maybe about to run a race). Workout will consist of cardio, deconstructed exercises, and active Yoga sequences and stretching.

    Q: Nougat
    Pax: Nougat, Patch, Bull, Jimmy Dean, Poodle, Care Bear, Wild Sprayer, Bluto

    – 5 core principles
    – Always Free
    – Always Outside (no matter rain, wind, or snow)
    – Open to all men
    – Lead by a member of the Pax in a rotation fashion
    – I am certified/ trained in Yoga, still You vs You
    – Ends in a Circle of Trust
    – Mission – “To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership”
    – Credo – “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.”

    YHC instructed Pax that the workout was intended to be low impact and meant for Pax who are recovering from injury, or just want to give their body a break.

    An unexpected more than a dusting of snow happened overnight, so the Pax moseyed over to Start HS & used their covered patio for the workout.

    Warmup (SSH, Chain-breakers, Windmills)

    Playlist was as diverse as always

    Run Lap (SSH, Jog in place, MC, Side to Sides, Karaoke)
    Deconstructed Burpee (10)
    – Squat, Plank, Tuck, Jump Squat
    – 2 breath hold/pause w/ each
    Jog in place (due to snow)
    Deconstructed LT Dans (10)
    – Lunge, Lunge, Squat, Hold
    – 3 breath hold
    Jog in place (due to snow)
    Deconstructed Inch Worm (5)
    – Inch Worm, Side Plank, Side Crunch, Plank, Side Plank, Side Crunch, Merkin, Flow

    Warmup Flow (w/ instruction)
    – Fold, Monkey, Chair Series (2)
    – Fold, Plank, Crock, Up Dog, Down Dog Flow
    – Modify to Half Series if needed

    Warrior Series (4)
    – W1, W2, Tri, Rev Tri, W2, Flow
    Crescent Series (4)
    – Flow, Crescent Lunge, Flow, CL, Flow, CL/W2/SA
    Tree Series
    Cool Down
    – Sunflower
    – Tiger in the grass

    COR – 8
    6: Bull
    Announcements: Winter Challenge wrapping up, Leadership Talk at GPRS, CSAUP Ruck, March Madness CSAUP, June GTE
    Prayer Intentions: Pax who are recovering from injury, Pax struggling with loss, ability to be active, mental health, those who don’t have shelter.

    Honored to lead


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