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Date(s) - 06/01/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

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Timberstone Jr High



3-5 mile run with your F3 Brothers

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  1. Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean says:

    PAX: Kitty, Ozzie, Cousteau, Dauber, Mr. Belding, Norwood, Motorboat, Bluto, Modell, Hedgehog, Oscar Mayer, Trapeze, Sideshow, Jimmy Dean

    Q: Jimmy Dean

    14 men gathered to run or ruck their own adventure; 3 rucked around the track while 11 took off running. As YHC was one of the ruckers, I can relay that there was good conversation with Oscar Mayer and Sideshow as we went around the track for roughly 2.5 miles.

    The runners returned and a group could be seen heading back to pick up the six. It is always encouraging to know that F3 brothers have each others’ backs.

    COR, NOR and COT where prayers were lifted up for Norwood’s mom (he was also the 6), Mailman’s family, Mr. Belding returning to his previous employment for graduation, and Dauber asked for prayers for school kids heading into summer who may not get as much nutrition during the day as they do when school is in session.

    Always an honor to lead this group of men. Aye!


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