Tuesday Workout @ Faith Hill

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Date(s) - 07/11/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Northview High School



The lucky dragon!

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  1. Steve (Glitch) Sass
    Steve (Glitch) Sass says:

    ** PAX **
    32 men, including 2 FNGs mustered up for a lucky day

    Ticket, Dobber, Sparkles, Stark, Splinter, Hustle, Pixar, Sipe, Ollie, The Colonel, Froman, Ozzie, Mad Dog, Gadget, Fairweather, Klinger, Kitty, Mickey (welcome back), Crab Legs, Honeymoon, Brute, Scrooge, Gecko, Sunshine, Mailman, Bluto, Mr. Belding, El Chapo, John Henry, Glitch @ the Q

    ** Warm Up Circle **
    – F3 principles – Always: free, outside, men only, led by members, ends in COT

    – Side-straddle hops with count-o-rama (to get PAX size)
    – 20 4-count mountain-climbers (core)
    – 20 4-count hillbillies (abs)
    – 5 slow-mo-merkins: 4-count-down, 4-count-up (arms)…muffed up the count a bit
    – 20 4-count monkey humpers (legs)
    (count to half of total and repeat – random partner up)

    Mosey to field via the tree
    ** Get lucky **
    Radio playing Get Lucky by Daft Punk….Every time they say “Get Lucky” do a merkin…when they aren’t saying “Get Lucky”, holding an Al Gore.

    (mosey to mid-field line via tree)

    (Line up on mid-line)
    – Paddycake planks x 40 (core)
    – 20 imperial squat walkers (legs/abs)

    (spread out 5 yards from center line)
    – Dragon walks (Peter Parker w/merkin) to middle and back x 3 (core/arms)
    – Run to tree and back (legs)
    – Dragon walk to fail, then bear crawl to fail, then run up hill (core/arms)
    – Run back down hill

    (Repead-o, except only one middle and back dragon walk)

    ** COP – Tabata-style **
    (20 seconds on/10 off) x 6 = 3 minutes each

    Phase 1:
    – flutter kicks (abs)
    Phase 2:
    – squats (legs)
    Phase 3:
    – burpees (core)

    Mosey to parking lot for C.O.T. Count-o-rama, name-o-rama.

    Warm welcome for 2 FNGs: Brandon “Springs” Bohland, Bronson “Neo” Sturt (sorry if I misspelled that last name)

    Brute led prayer with requests for:
    Jen, Nicole, Judy & Glen, Karen, Woody’s wife, Sammy, and Lisa dealing with health issues, and for Fudd with his adoption procedures


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